The Separate System of Sewerage: Its Theory and Construction

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D. Van Nostrand, 1899 - Sewerage - 324 pages
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Page 154 - the quantity of work to be done they shall not constitute a claim for damages, or for anticipated profits on the work dispensed with; if they increase the amount of work, such increase shall be paid for according to the quantity actually done, and
Page 156 - of in the sum of Dollars, lawful money of the United States of America, to be paid to the said
Page 156 - or to its certain attorney or assigns, to which payment, well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, and administrators, and each and every of them, firmly by these presents.
Page 248 - The vertical vent-pipes for traps of water-closets in buildings more than four stories in height, must be at least three inches in diameter, with two-inch branches to each trap, and for traps of other fixtures not less than two inches in diameter. unless the trap is smaller, in which case the diameter of branch vent-pipe
Page 154 - If any person employed by the contractor on the work shall appear to the Engineer to be incompetent or disorderly, he shall, on the requisition of the Engineer, be immediately discharged, and such person shall not be again employed upon the work without the permission of the Engineer.
Page 155 - party of the first part, hereby agrees to pay to the said party of the second part, the prices named in the "PROPOSAL" which is hereto annexed, and which is hereby made a part of this contract.
Page 248 - inlet from the highest fixture. They may be combined by branching together those which serve several traps. These air pipes must always have a continuous slope to avoid collecting water by condensation.
Page 154 - the Engineer; the time of beginning, rate of progress, and time of completion being essential conditions of this contract; and if the contractor shall fail to complete the work by the time above specified, the sum of
Page 42 - In most places it is not difficult to find a proper out-fall for the water of a drainage system. As soon as sewage is mixed with the flow of drains the whole mass is contaminated, and the trouble and cost of securing a safe
Page 62 - It is obvious that proportioning a plant to meet the demands of so inconstant and widely varying a use as the removal of storm water, presents especial difficulties, both as to economy and efficiency, and that, generally speaking, the possibilities of economical construction and service are measured by the regularity of the work. The aggregate

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