Australia as it is: Its Settlements, Farms, and Gold Fields, Volume 1

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Colburn, 1852 - Australia
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Page 320 - THE LIFE OF MARIE DE MEDICIS, QUEEN OF FRANCE, CONSORT OF HENRY IV., AND REGENT UNDER LOUIS XIII. BY MISS PARDOE, Author of "Louis XIV. and the Court of France, in the 17th Century,
Page 332 - ARCTIC MISCELLANIES, A SOUVENIR OF THE LATE POLAR SEARCH. By THE OFFICERS AND SEAMEN OF THE EXPEDITION. DEDICATED BY PERMISSION TO THE LORDS OF THE ADMIRALTY. Second Edition. 1 vol., with numerous Illustrations. 10s. 6d. " This volume is not the least interesting or instructive among the records of the late expedition in search of Sir John Franklin, commanded by Captain Austin.
Page 325 - The work embraces the most varied topics — political parties, religious eccentricities, the flights of literature, and the absurdities of pretenders to learning, all come in for their share of satire ; while we have specimens of genuine American exaggerations and graphic pictures of social and domestic life as it is. The work will have a wide circulation.
Page 328 - LATE ATTACHED TO THE CONSULAR SERVICE IN SYRIA, Second Edition, 2 vols. with Illustrations, 21s. " A very agreeable book. Mr. Neale is evidently Quite familiar with the East, and writes in a lively, shrewd, and good-humoured manner. A great deal of information is to be found in his pages.
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Page 320 - Fardoe the unfortunate Queen has found both these requisites, and the result has been a biography combining the attractiveness of romance with the reliableness of history, and which, taking a place midway between...
Page 324 - We conceive this work to be by far the most valuable and important Judge Haliburton has ever written. While teeming with interest, moral and historical, to the general reader, it equally constitutes a philosophical study for the politician and statesman. It will be found to...
Page 295 - ... permitted to dig, search for, or remove gold on or from any land, whether public or private, without first taking out and paying for a license in the form annexed. 2. For the present, and pending further proof of the extent of the...
Page 332 - ... records of the late expedition in search of Sir John Franklin, commanded by Captain Austin. The most valuable portions of the book are those which relate to the scientific and practical observations made in the course of the expedition, and the descriptions of scenery and incidents of arctic travel. From the variety of the materials, and the novelty of the scenes and incidents to which they refer, no less than the interest which attaches to all that relates to the probable safety of Sir John...
Page 323 - ... for the first time, made acquainted with the rich stores of intellectual wealth long garnered in the literature and beautiful romance of Northern Europe. From the famous Edda, whose origin is lost in antiquity, down to the novels of Miss Bremer and Baroness Knorring, the prose and poetic writings of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland are here introduced to us in a manner at once singularly comprehensive and concise. It is no dry enumeration of names, but the very marrow and spirit of the various...

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