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12 years latter...Atticus has finally finished his training of his apprentice Granuaile. Now he must bind her to the earth, there's only one problem. To bind her he must show himself and the
gods he angered that think he's dead will know he is alive.
He must deal with the mistakes from his past. He has made many, and there are a lot who want him dead. Karma. Big bad nastiness come looking for Atticus, things get dark. Granuaile, must be binded before...
The relationship between master and student has been flirty for many years but Atticus will not cross that teacher student line. But, Atticus is not going to be her teacher anymore. After all this time can they finally connect.
Oberon, he is the star. He rules this book as he has with all the others. Love him his sausage addiction and his jokes.
I enjoyed the book, although it was not my favorite in the series. It did have a more 'fantasy' feel to it compared to the past books. I felt a bit cheated at the quick flash fade to dark scene, which I have waited for a long time for. It left me feeling unfulfilled.

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