Political, Religious, and Love Poems: From the Archbishop of Canterbury's Lambeth Ms. No. 306, and Other Sources

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Frederick James Furnivall
Early English Text Society, 1866 - English poetry - 267 pages

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Page 264 - B. WHEATLEY, Esq. is. 6. LANCELOT OF THE LAIK. Edited from the unique MS. in the Cambridge University Library (ab. 1500 AD), by the Rev. WALTER W. SKEAT, MA 8*. 7. THE STORY OF GENESIS AND EXODUS, an early English
Page xxxvii - ranked as the Cathedral. It includes, or is erected on the site of, the house of Pudens, a senator with whom St Peter lodged from AD 41 to 50. and whose daughters, Praxed and Pudentiana, that Apostle converted. The name is mentioned in the 2nd Epistle to Timothy, iv. 21 : "Eubulus greeteth thee, and Pudens, and Linus, and Claudia, and all the brethren.
Page 264 - from the unique Lambeth MS. 306. Edited for the first time by FJ FURNIVALL, Esq., MA Is. The Publications for 1864 and 1865 can still be purchased at the original subscription of One Guinea for each year. The
Page 264 - OF THE BRITAN TONGUE, a treates noe shorter then necessario, be ALEXANDER HUME. Edited for the first time from the unique MS. in the British Museum (about 161
Page 265 - By Henry Lonelich, Skynner (ab. 1440 AD). To be re-edited from the unique MS. in the Library of Corpus Christi Coll., Cambridge, by FJ Furnivall, Esq., MA Syr Thomas Maleor's Mort d'Arthur. To be edited from
Page 265 - (The edition of 1580 collated with that of 1573.) III. The Old and New Testament in Verse. TO be edited from the Vernon MS. by R. Morris, Esq. Early English Sermons before 1250 AD
Page 208 - Sí IN the 1866 issue of the stereotyped edition of Mr Craik's "Compendious History of the English Language," v. 1, p. 193, is the following passage quoted from Sir Frederic Madden's Preface to Havelok : " Between the years 1244 and 1258, we know, was written the versification of part of a meditation of St Augustine, as
Page 265 - de Twety and The Master of the Game. To be edited from the MSS. by Alfred Sadler, Esq. Barbour's Bras. To be edited from the MSS. in St. John's College, Cambridge, &c., by J.
Page 4 - suche A thynge 5 prykkyd hym, he axid A confessour : nycolas of the towre seyd " I am redy here to se ;" he was holde 6 so hard, he passyd the same howre ; for lake napes sowie, placebo and dirige. who shall execute ' ye fest of solempnite ? bysshoppis and lords, as gret reson is, Monkes, chanons, and prestis,
Page 20 - Of no womans doweere ; .4. And whethir the lande be bonde or free, .5. And the léese or reléese of the feoffe. .6. Se that the seller be of age, .7. And whethir it be in any morgage ; .8. Looke if ther-of a tayle be fownde, .9. And whethir it stonde in any statute bownde ; .10. Consydre what

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