Controversial Issues in Scottish History: A Contrast of the Early Chronicles with the Works of Modern Historians

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G.P. Putnam's sons, 1910 - Scotland - 601 pages

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Page 462 - And freakishness of mind is check'd, He tamed who foolishly aspires; While to the measure of his might Each fashions his desires. "All kinds and creatures stand and fall By strength of prowess or of wit *T is God's appointment who must sway, And who is to submit. "Since then,
Page 27 - in the island are good against poison. In short, we have known that when some persons have been bitten by serpents, the scrapings of leaves of books that were brought out of Ireland, being put into water, and given them to drink ; have immediately expelled the spreading poison, and assuaged the swelling. The island abounds
Page 462 - *T is God's appointment who must sway, And who is to submit. "Since then," said Robin, "right is plain, And longest life is but a day; To have my ends, maintain my rights, I '11 take the shortest way.
Page 27 - Picts. There is a very large gulf of the sea, which formerly divided the nation of the Picts from the Britons ; which gulf runs from the west very far into the land, where, to this day, stands the strong city of the Britons, called Alcluith. The Scots, arriving on the north side of this bay, settled
Page 553 - Commissioners were appointed to conduct the inquiry, a Parliament was held at Berwick about it, the two claimants were heard at full length, and there was a vast amount of talking. At last, in the great hall of the castle of Berwick, the king gave judgment in favour of John Baliol; who consenting to receive
Page 552 - horse. He had been married to Margaret, King Edward's sister. All their children being dead, the Scottish crown became the right of a young Princess, only eight years old, the daughter of Eric, King of Norway, who had married a daughter of the deceased sovereign. King Edward proposed that the "Maiden of Norway
Page 28 - Now the Picts had no wives, and asked them of the Scots; who would not consent to grant them upon any other terms, than that when any difficulty should arise, they should choose a king from the female royal race rather than from the male; which custom, as is well known, has been observed among the Picts to this day.
Page 423 - children whom ye have murdered, our widows whom ye have starved; collect from the gibbet and the pole the mangled carcasses and whitened skulls of our kinsmen; bid them live and bless us, and we will be your vassals and brothers; till then let death and blood and mutual wrong draw a dark veil of division between us.
Page 82 - and Drostdn son of Cosgrach, his pupil, came from Hi, as God had shown to them, unto Abbordoboir, and Bede the Pict was mormaer of Buchan before them, and it was he that gave them that town in freedom for ever from mormaer and
Page 82 - to wit Bede, that he should give it to him; and he did not give it, and a son of his took an illness after [or in consequence of] refusing the clerics, and he was nearly dead [lit he was dead but if it were a

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