The Historical World's Columbian Exposition and Chicago Guide ...: Illustrated from Official Drawings

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J.H. Mason, 1892 - Chicago (Ill.) - 100 pages
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columbian exposition and chicago guide

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Page 9 - Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon..
Page 21 - Fresh as the foam, new-bathed in Paphian wells> With rosy slender fingers backward drew From her warm brows and bosom her deep hair Ambrosial, golden round her lucid throat And shoulder : from the violets her light foot Shone rosy-white, and o'er her rounded form Between the shadows of the vine-bunches Floated the glowing sunlights, as she moved. " Dear mother Ida, harken ere I die.
Page 413 - When the shrines through the foliage are gleaming half shown, And each hallows the hour by some rites of its own. Here the music of prayer from a minaret swells, Here the Magian his urn, full of perfume, is swinging, And here, at the altar, a zone of sweet bells Round the waist of some fair Indian dancer is ringing.
Page 105 - ... speak his own language, calling on oxen in the plough such words as men speak to beasts in his own country — whereof he had great marvel, for he knew not how it might be.
Page 19 - An Act to provide for celebrating the four hundredth anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus by holding an International Exhibition of arts, industries, manufactures and the products of the soil, mine and sea, in the City of Chicago, in the State of Illinois,
Page 190 - ... beautiful always beyond desire and cruel beyond words ; fairer than heaven and more terrible than hell ; pale with pride and weary with wrong-doing ; a silent anger against God and man burns, white and repressed, through her clear features. In one drawing she wears a head-dress of eastern fashion rather than western...
Page 185 - Europe, called the age of stone, the age of bronze, and the age of iron, is purely relative, like the chronology of the geological formations.
Page 191 - Broad bracelets divide the shapely splendour of her arms; over the nakedness of her firm and luminous breasts, just below the neck, there is passed a band as of metal. Her eyes are full of proud and passionless lust after gold and blood; her hair, close and curled, seems ready to shudder in sunder and divide into snakes. Her throat, full and fresh, round and hard to the eye as her bosom and arms, is erect and stately, the head set firm on it without any droop or lift of the chin; her mouth crueller...
Page 192 - ... electric hair, which looks as though it would hiss and glitter with sparks if once touched, is wound up to a tuft with serpentine plaits and involutions ; / all that remains of it unbound falls in one curl, shaping itself into a snake's likeness as it unwinds, right against a living snake held to the breast and throat. This is rightly registered as a study for Cleopatra ; but notice has not yet been accorded to the subtle and sublime idea which transforms her death by the aspic's bite into a...
Page 228 - ... his words — all the haggard funereal group filled from the fountain of his faith with gradual fire and white-heat of soul ; or where Salome dances before Herod, an incarnate figure of music, grave and graceful, light and glad, the song of a bird made flesh, with perfect poise of her sweet slight body from the maiden face to the melodious feet; no tyrannous or treacherous goddess of deadly beauty, but a simple virgin, with the cold charm of girlhood and the mobile charm of childhood; as indifferent...

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