Report of the Proceedings of the ... Annual Convention of the Master-Car Builders' Association, Volume 29

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Page 19 - At each annual meeting the president shall appoint a committee of five whose duty it shall be to report at the next annual meeting subjects for investigation and discussion, and if the subjects are approved by the Association, the president shall appoint special committees to report on them.
Page 358 - If only the body of a car is destroyed, and the company destroying it elects to return the trucks, they shall be put in good order, or accompanied by a defect card, covering all defects or improper repairs made by them for which owners are not responsible, and...
Page 420 - The party of the first part hereby agrees, on presentation of the statement above mentioned, to pay the party of the second part any balance due from lack of sufficient service on the part of the wheels (with above exceptions), to balance the charge, and the party of the second part hereby agrees to pay the party of the first part any balance due as shown by the aforesaid statement, settlements to be made quarterly.
Page 388 - In case of any dispute or question arising under the rules between the subscribers to said rules, the same may be submitted to this committee through the Secretary, who shall, before referring the case to the committee, notify both parties to the dispute to submit their reasons in support of their claims to the committee in order to enable it to decide intelligently. Should...
Page 418 - The wheels broken must show clean gray iron in the plates; the depth of pure white iron must not exceed seven-eighths of an inch, or be less than three-eighths of an inch in the middle of the tread, and shall not be less than three-sixteenths of an inch in the throaL The depth of the white iron shall not vary more than one-fourth of an inch around the tread on the rail line in the same wheel.
Page 415 - Divide the pitrh, or, what is the same thing, the sides of the thread, into eight equal parts ; take off one part from the top and fill in one part in the bottom of the thread ; then the flat top and bottom will equal one-eighth of the pitch, the wearing surface will be three-quarters of tlie pitch, and the diameter of screw at bottom of the thread will be expressed by the formula : in which D = diameter of the screw and JV — the number of threads per inch.
Page 277 - I move that the Secretary be instructed to cast the ballot of the Association, electing these gentlemen as our officers for the ensuing year.
Page 380 - If new wheels and axles are substituted for secondhand wheels and axles, proper charges and credits shall be allowed, although such substitution be made on account of only one loose or defective wheel or a defective axle, with the following exceptions: In case the owner of a car removes a damaged wheel or axle no charge shall be made for any difference in value between the parts used and those removed that are not damaged.
Page 382 - The splice may be located either side of body bolster, but the nearest point of any splice must not be within 12 inches of same. The splicing of two adjacent sills at the same end of the car, or the splicing of any sill between cross-tie timbers, will not be allowed.
Page 414 - That within ninety days from the passage of this act the American Railway Association is authorized hereby to designate to the Interstate Commerce Commission the standard height of drawbars for freight cars, measured perpendicular from the level of the tops of the rails to the centers of the drawbars, for each of the several gauges of railroads in use in the United States, and shall .fix a maximum variation from such standard height to be allowed between the drawbars of empty and loaded cars.

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