The Heredity of Richard Roe: A Discussion of the Principles of Eugenics

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American Unitarian Association, 1911 - Eugenics - 165 pages
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Page 6 - If you prick us, do we not bleed? if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison us, do we not die? if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?
Page 40 - His own parents, he that had father'd him and she that had conceiv'd him in her womb and birth'd him, They gave this child more of themselves than that, They gave him afterward every day, they became part of him.
Page 51 - But these offspring, again, in their numerical proportions, follow the same law, namely, that there are three dominants to one recessive. The recessives are pure like those of the last generation, but the dominants can, by further...
Page 56 - ... and are the only things that are truly inherited. It is a corollary of the theory of inheritance from the determiner that we do not inherit from our parents, grandparents or collaterals, but related individuals have some common characteristics because developed out of the same germ-plasm with the same determiners. A child resembles his father because he and his father are developed from the same stuff. Both are chips from the same old block.
Page 52 - The process of breaking up into the parent forms is thus continued in each successive generation, the same numerical law being followed so far as has yet been observed. "Mendel made further experiments with...
Page 147 - ... system. The drug which disposes to reverie rather than to work, which makes us feel well when we are not well, destroys the sanity of life. All stimulants, narcotics, tonics, which affect the nervous system in whatever way, reduce the truthfulness of sensation, thought, and action. Toward insanity all such influences lead ; and their effect, slight though it be, is of the same nature as mania. The man who would see clearly, think truthfully, and act effectively, must avoid them all. Emergency...
Page 82 - Shall we as an intelligent people, proud of our control of nature in other respects, do nothing but vote more taxes or be satisfied with the great gifts and bequests that philanthropists have made for the support of the delinquent, defective, and dependent classes? Shall we not rather take the steps that scientific study dictates as necessary to dry up the springs that feed the torrent of defective and degenerate protoplasm? " Greater tasks than those contemplated in the broadest scheme of the Eugenics...
Page 50 - ... others which gave a mixed offspring, composed partly of recessives, partly of dominants. Here also it was found that the average numerical proportions were constant, those with pure dominant offspring being to those with mixed offspring as one to two. Hence it is seen that the 75 per cent dominants...
Page 112 - One evening I was called to marry a couple. I found them in one small room with two beds. In all eleven people lived in it. The bride was dressing, the groom washing. Another member of the family filled a coal-oil lamp while burning. The groom offered to haul ashes for the fee. I made a present to the bride. Soon after I asked one of the family how they were getting on. 'Oh, Elisha don't live with her any more.

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