The First Year of Greek

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Macmillan, 1917 - Greek language - 375 pages
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Page 227 - Hurl'd often cuts off the vowel at the end of a word, when the next word begins with a vowel; though he does not like the Greeks wholly drop the vowel, but lull retains it in writing like the Latins.
Page 220 - Syappa (double gamma, from its form). 8. The ancients used only the capital letters. The small letters came into use during the middle ages. The names epsilon, omicron, upsilon, and omega are also of late origin ; the ancient names were e or E, o or &, Ъ, and a. a.
Page 228 - Crasis (/эао-t mixture) is the contraction of a vowel or diphthong at the end of a word with one at the beginning of the following word : ко/ит$ (/tot aurai), Kav (at e'i>) Kav (at eaV).
Page 380 - A First Greek Reader. In Two Progressive Parts. With Hints and Vocabulary. By EC MARCHANT, MA With 30 illustrations, 1s.
Page 324 - I should hesitate to embark in the vessels that Cyrus might give us. 169. Many conditional and indefinite relative sentences are general or universal in their reference. These are of two classes : those which refer (a) to the present (ie universal present, (b) to the past, and are usually known as present (or past) general conditional (or indefinite relative) sentences.
Page 248 - The comparative of adverbs which are derived from adjectives is regularly the neuter accusative singular of the comparative of the adjective ; the superlative...
Page 233 - The neut. plur. raira, for та arr, must not be confounded with таСта these (272). a. In the oblique cases, it also serves as a personal pronoun of the third person : him, her, it. REFLEXIVE PRONOUNS. 266. The reflexive pronouns are formed from the stems of the personal pronouns compounded with аш-s.
Page 382 - Adapted for the use of beginners. With vocabulary, notes and exercises by Charles Haines Keene.
Page 291 - The noun is often omitted when it can easily be supplied from the context : кои/а та TV фСХсоУ common are the (possessions') of friends.
Page v - Just so far as is possible in so brief a period the student must be given the opportunity of reading in their original form choice portions of Greek literature — the finest flower and revealing of the Hellenic mind.

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