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There are only two possible causes of repeat pump failures:
1. The owning facility (or the manufacturer) has not uncovered the root cause of the failure, or
2. The facility knows the root cause
, but has decided not to take remedial action.
This 222-page book is aimed at pump users who had to deal with repeat pump failures and are interested in obtaining solid information on reasons and issues that seem to have escaped both pump users and manufacturers.
Written by an acknowledged expert, the book is highly valued by those who desire to understand, avoid, and eradicate the seemingly elusive causes of process pump failures. A refinery in Ohio has eliminated 20 failures within six months of applying the detailed remedial steps described in this profusely illustrated text. The lessons described here have been implemented by best-of-class companies; some have calculated pay-back periods (value of failure avoidance over cost of the book) as short as two (2) days.

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