Domestic Economy for Scholarship and Certificate Students

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Macmillan and Company, limited, 1901 - 351 pages
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Page 234 - Important thing is that the stomach should be emptied at once. If the patient is able to swallow this may be accomplished by emetics, such as mustard and water, a teaspoonful of mustard to a glass of water, salt and water, powdered ipecac and copious draughts of luke warm water.
Page 108 - ... jet is often attached to the strainer, which is set in the middle of the safe. All three varieties are often combined with the shower baths. All jet or spray baths are provided with suitable hot and cold water pipes, which deliver the water into a mixing pipe before it leaves the jet. The mixing pipe should be provided with a thermometer, so that the temperature may be regulated before the bather exposes himself to the water. The thermometer must be so enclosed that its bulb or mercury chamber...
Page 80 - ... Cotton is a much better heat conductor than wool, is very absorbent of odors, and quite non-absorbent of water, either in or between the fibers. It is cheap, durable, and does not shrink. Silk is a poor heat conductor and a non-conductor of electricity, but is very hygroscopic. It does not shrink. Linen is a good conductor of heat and a bad absorbent of moisture, but is very durable. Rubber used in clothing is elastic and impermeable to water. Leather, though hygroscopic, is suff1ciently waterproof...
Page 84 - To plants which are bathed on all sides by food, like the pelagic protophytes, small size is advantageous, since a small body has a larger surface in proportion to its bulk than a large one...
Page 213 - It should be borne in mind that every case of infectious disease must be notified to the Medical Officer of Health...
Page 208 - Partially cover the saucepan and set back, where tbe vegetables, which should be stirred often, will cook slowly for half an hour. At the end of this time place the...
Page 111 - Stoves are so constructed that the water vapour produced by combustion is condensed by passing through upright tubes, and then caught in a tray beneath.
Page 142 - ... is provided with a flushing rim from which the water flows in such a manner as to keep the basin clean.
Page 54 - ... whisky. These beverages are called fermented liquors because the alcohol in them is due to a process called fermentation, set up in the sugars extracted from fruits, etc., or in the sugars prepared by art from potatoes, cereals, grains, and starches generally. In the process of fermentation the sugar is split up into alcohol and carbonic acid gas, the former remains in the liquid, the latter escapes as a gas. The change is brought about by the action of yeast, a one-cell plant, a microscopic...
Page 60 - There is an old rule which says that, for roasting, the cook should allow a quarter of an hour for every pound, and a quarter of an hour over.

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