The Flora of British India, Volume 2

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Page 314 - Stamens 15-60, perigynous, inserted in the mouth of the calyx-tube, filaments free. Carpel 1 ; style terminal ; ovules 2, collateral, pendulous. Drupe with an indehiscent or 2-valved, 1-seeded, smooth, or rugged stone. Seed pendulous, testa membranous or coriaceous, albumen scanty or 0. — DISTRIB. N. temp, regions, rare in the tropics ; species 80.
Page 15 - Stament 1-5, rarely 8, inserted just within the disk, or on it, 1 rarely more perfect and much larger than the others, the others with imperfect or smaller anthers, or reduced to teeth. Ovary sessile, 1-celled, oblique ; style lateral ; ovule pendulous, funicle basal, inserted on the side of the cell above its base, rarely horizontal. Drupe large, fleshy ; stone compressed, fibrous. Seed large, compressed, testa papery ; cotyledons plano-convex, often unequal and lobed.
Page 328 - Creeping herbs or erect or sarmentose shrubs, almost always prickly. Leaves alternate, simple or compound ; stipules free or adnate to the petiole. Flowers in terminal and axillary corymbose panicles, rarely solitary, white or red. Calyx-tube broad, lobes 5, persistent. Petals 5. Stamens many. Disk coating the calyx-tube. Carpels many, on a convex receptacle ; style subterminal ; ovules 2, collateral, pendulous. Drupes many, 1-seeded, crowded upon a dry or spongy conical or cylindric receptacle.
Page 6 - Stamens 5 ; 2 fertile, opposite the smaller petals, filament abort, flattened, incurved, expanded at the top into a cup, which bears two globose cells that burst transversely, springing back elastically ; 3 deformed, broad, opposite the larger petals, 2-fid with 2 empty cells, together forming a cup over the pistil. Disk cupular or annular, with 2-5 simple or toothed teeth.
Page 601 - Male : perianth (of the only Indian genus) of 2 outer valvate opposite sepaloid segments, and 2-0 inner smaller segments ; stamens indefinite often very many, free or monadelphous anthers narrowly obovoid. Female : perianth (of the only Indian genus) of 5-2 segments. Ovary inferior (in Hillebrandia, half-superior 2-3-4 celled ; placent.
Page 214 - Stamen» diadelphous ; anthers uniform. Ovary sessile ; ovules 3 or more ; style filiform, incurved, glabrous, stigma capitate. Pod linear or oblong, turgid, marked with transverse lines between the seeds, which have a conspicuous divided strophiole. — DISTRIB. Species about 20, spread from India to Australia and Mauritius. Differs from Cajanu
Page 275 - ... boat-shaped, inclosing the buds, caducous; calyx tube top-shaped, the disk produced some distance above its base; teeth lanceolate, much imbricated, the lowest 2 connate; only the 3 upper petals developed, the 2 lateral ovate, the upper hooded, 12 mm. long, yellow striped with red, the 2 lower petals reduced to scales; stamens monadelphous. only 3 developed,. the others reduced to bristles at the top of the sheath; ovary many-ovuled, with a stalk adnate...
Page 228 - Calyx-tvbe short ; teeth narrow, acuminate, the lowest often the longest. Corolla little or not at all exserted; petals equal in length; keel obtuse or slightly rostrate. Stamens diadelphous ; anthers uniform. Ovary subsessile, 2-ovuled ; style filiform, beardless, stigma capitate.
Page 195 - Hassk. Woody climbers, with 3-foliolate stipellate leaves. Flowers small or middlesized, in ample terminal panicles, extending into the axils of the upper leaves, the pedicels densely fascicled at the tumid nodes. Calyx campanulate ; teeth lanceolate or oblong-deltoid, the upper two connate. Corolla distinctly exserted, its petals subequal, the keel obtuse, nearly straight. Stamen» diadelphous ; anthers uniform.
Page 22 - Nut kidney-shaped, seated on a large pyriform fleshy body formed of the enlarged disk and top of the peduncle ; pericarp cellular and full of oil. /Seed kidney-shaped, ascending, testa membranous, adherent ; cotyledons semi-lunar ; radicle short, hooked.

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