Readings in English Social History from Contemporary Literature - Volume Four 1603-1688

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Read Books, 2007 - 652 pages
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Readings in Church History READINGS in Church History Edited by COLMAN J. BARRY, O. S. B. PROFESSOR OF HISTORY, ST. JOHNS UNIVERSITY COLLEGEVILLE, MINNESOTA Volume One FROM PENTECOST TO THE PROTESTANT REVOLT The Newman Press JHLJ Westminster, Maryland To lie seminary and college students who helped collect these documents Preface THE documentary sources of Church history have received unequal at tention in existing collections of readings in World and European history, or in the history of Western civilization. Historians of modern times, in their search for origins and developments, have however been slowly moving from exclusive political, economic, or social interpretations toward intellectual syntheses. More and more in recent times religious causation is being included as a basic and valid, if not primary, influence on events. A collection in English of some of the more significant documents of the Churchs historical life may, it is hoped, advance such a revival in some small way. The chief justification for the present work is, of course, the long standing need for a documentary source book in Church history for the use of professors and students in major and minor seminaries, in liberal arts colleges and secondary schools, and in adult education courses. It is hoped that all these and others interested in the fascinating subject of Church history will find in the primary sources a deeper appreciation of Christian life, tradition, and culture. After consultation with teachers of Church history about procedure, it was decided to present fairly extensive readings rather than a random or subtly-excerpted filigree of individual or isolated primary documents. An attempt was made to make more evident the transcendent significance of developing Christian culture as a unified entity which continues in all ages as a contemporary reality. The readings are grouped together chrono logically in parts corresponding to the successive ages of Church history the parts are further subdivided into chapters throughout two volumes. Under each part are included units on spiritual, intellectual, missionary, socio-political, and administrative developments of the Church in the world. Introductions are provided for each part rather than for individual documents in every case they point up developing trends, crises, or ad vances. Documents were chosen for their significance in tracing major movements. Those readings included are not all necessarily great works, but each was basic and influential for its own time and often beyond a particular period. An attempt was also made at each stage to correlate vii viii Preface selections with standard Church history textbooks and manuals as an aid to classroom discussion. A reference table co-ordinating the documents to the more generally used textbooks is included at the end of each volume. Norms for including representative selections of former heresies, integral to a full picture of the historical development of the Church, were based on an article by Tullo Goffi, LIndice dei libri prohibiti, which first appeared in La Rivista del Clero Italiano, XXXVII 1956, 315-319 374-377. Father Goffi states The Church is especially aware of the fact that a books influence for harm declines with the passing of time. It is the here-and-now that strikes us and captivates us. Errors quickly lose the magic of newness and the human heart is changeable and easily grows dissatisfied. So it happens that books once pro hibited may later be withdrawn from the index. A book, however, once con demned as false, does not become true if it is later dropped from the index. Its removal means merely that the Church considers that it has ceased to be harmful. The present collection of primary documents, then, was undertaken over a six-year span to meet the needs already mentioned, and to serve as a workable auxiliary source book for teachers and students in the field of general or universal history...

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