The isthmus of Tehuantepec. [With] Maps

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Page 137 - It has been said, that, he who makes two blades of grass grow where but one grew before, is a benefactor to his race, and this the chemist-farmer can do until the limit of productiveness is reached.
Page 220 - Tobasco, they were subjugated by the expedition to Chiapas under Luis Marin.* At present they are confined to the villages of San Miguel and Santa Maria Chimalapa.
Page 126 - They have been coming up all the time, aud at last the contest has become so close that England is hardly a throat-latch ahead. Cut through this Isthmus, "Uncle Sam" will then turn the corner, and England will be distanced. Instead, then, of meeting us in India, China, and even on our own Pacific coast with the advantage of some ten days...
Page 127 - Tehuantepec 2,704 Mr. Allen M'Donnell, also an eminent English engineer, in discussing the project of a railroad from Lake Superior to the Pacific, says, in reference to the isthmus route : — " Through her geographical position, the United States can more readily avail herself of the benefits to be derived from this course than any other nation. Her fleets would steam in one unbroken line through the Gulph of Mexico : her naval power would overawe our settlements upon the north-west coasts; and...
Page 266 - ART. 6. All foreigners are permitted to acquire real property, and to exercise any trade or calling, not even excepting that of mining, within the distance of fifty leagues on either side of the line of transit.
Page 265 - ... country, subjecting themselves to all the existing colonial regulations which are not in conflict with the present law. ART. 14. The enterprise shall submit for the approval of Government all contracts which it shall make for the introduction of families and laborers, and it shall keep a public and authentic register of all its transactions in respect to all matters of colonization.
Page 152 - Again, in reference to the march of Sandoval : " Twenty of the caziques and principal personages soon made their appearance, bringing with them a present of gold dust in ten tubes, besides various pretty ornaments.
Page 171 - ... a healthy tropical climate. All these three regions together form a broad surface of country from the Gulf of Mexico to the coast of the Pacific, of a great variety of resources and of remarkable healthiness, a feature peculiar to the Isthmus, as the lands on both of its sides are very unhealthy ; such as Vera Cruz and Tabasco on the Gulf, Acapulco, Huatulco, and the coast of Guatimala on the Pacific shore. This peculiar and exclusive salubrity of the Isthmus...
Page 176 - The simplicity of its cultivation and the facility of extracting and preparing its products render it of universal use. From it is fabricated thread and cordage, mats, bagging, and clothing, and the hammocks in which the natives are born, repose, and die. The fibres of the pita are sometimes employed in the manufacture of paper ; its juice is used as a caustic for wounds, and its thorns serve the Indians for needles and pins."1 1 Barnard <fe Williams
Page 244 - Paul, a-ad in the centre is an excellent painting of. San Vicente, the patron saint of the town. The whole structure is inclosed by a brick wall several feet in thickness, with high arched gateways opening on the south and east. The inhabitants of Juchitan are characterized by habits of industry, and their numerous manufactures of hats, shoes, cotton cloth, hides, buckskins, mats, hammocks, &c., bear ample testimony to their mental superiority over the other. settlements of the Isthmus. Among the...

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