Questions on the Historical Books of the New Testament, Designed for Bible Classes and Sunday Schools

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Harper & brothers, 1832
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Page 161 - It is all old wives' fables to talk of the change of the Sabbath from the seventh to the first day.
Page 116 - What has been the common conduct of men toward each other ? Did the love of Christians strike any of the ancient heathen? Ans, "See," said they, " see how these Christians love one another; and are ready to lay down their lives for each other.
Page 19 - What did they do ? Who is meant by the governor of the feast ? What evidence is there that the miracle was immediately wrought ? 9, 10. What did the ruler of the feast say when he had tasted the wine ? Did he know whence it was ? Who did know it ? Whom did the governor call unto him ? Who is meant by the bridegroom? What is shown by the governor's not knowing whence it was?
Page 17 - men of Kent." New Florence; city in Montgomery County, Missouri, named for the daughter of EA Lewis, an early settler, and given the prefix to distinguish it from another town of the same name in the State. New Geneva; village in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, named for the principal city of Switzerland.
Page 4 - Who was in the beginning ? With whom was the Word ? What was the Word ? What is meant by " the beginning ?" — Gen. i. 1 ; Prov. viii. 23. Who do you say existed at the beginning ? Who is meant by "the Word'!
Page 7 - Do all men now comprehend the light of the gospel ? 6. Who is here spoken of? Whose son was he ? How had he been sent from God ? 7. For what did he come ? Of what did he bear witness ? For what purpose ? . What is it to bear witness ? Who was the Light of whom John bore witness ? How did John bear witness of the Light ? — John i.
Page 44 - Jews then put to him? 13. Did the man know who it was that had healed him ? What is the meaning of
Page 18 - Each water-pot held about thirteen and a half gallon. 7. What did Jesus say to the servants ? "What did they do ? 8. What did he then tell them ? What did they now do ? What is meant by the governor of the feast ? 9. Into what was the water changed...
Page 14 - What o'clock was their tenth hour ? 40. Who was one of these followers ? 41. What did Andrew do immediately ? What did he say to his brother ? What is the meaning of the names Christ...

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