Variations on Truth: Approaches in Contemporary Phenomenology

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Pol Vandevelde, Kevin Hermberg
Bloomsbury Publishing, Jul 28, 2011 - Philosophy - 256 pages

Bringing together leading scholars from across the world, this is a comprehensive survey of the latest phenomenological research into the perennial philosophical problem of 'truth'.

Starting with an historical introduction chronicling the variations on truth at play in the Phenomenological tradition, the book explores how Husserl's methodology equips us with the tools to thoroughly explore notions of truth, reality and knowledge. From these foundations, the book goes on to explore and extend the range of approaches that contemporary phenomenological research opens up in the face of the most profound ontological and epistemological questions raised by the tradition. In the final section, the authors go further still and explore how phenomenology relates to other variations on truth offered up by hermeneutic, deconstructive and narrative approaches.

Across the 12 essays collected in this volume, Variations on Truth explores and maps a comprehensive and rigorous alternative to mainstream analytic discussions of truth, reality and understanding.

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Chapter 1 The Phenomenological Correlation between Consciousness and Object Faced with Its Hermeneutical Challenge
Part II Husserlian Resources Reduction Imagination Transcendental Idealism
Chapter 2 Does Husserl Have a Principle of Reducibility?
Chapter 3 The Seduction of Images A Look at the Role of Images in Husserls Phenomenology
Chapter 4 From Natural Attitude to Transcendental Idealism Continuousness or Logical Confl ict?
Part III Heideggerean Variations Daseins Opening Disclosure and the History of Being
Chapter 5 Heideggers Hermeneutical Critique of Consciousness Revisited
Chapter 6 Transformations in Heideggers Conception of Truth between 1927 and 1930
Chapter 8 Harmony in Opposition On MerleauPontys Heraclitean Vision of Truth
Chapter 9 The Role of Infi nite Judgment in Hegels Phenomenology of Truth
Chapter 10 Husserls even more Social Epistemology
Part V The Avatars of Truth Interpretation Deconstruction and Conversation
Chapter 11 Reduction Construction Destruction of a Threeway Dialogue
Chapter 12 Truths Absence
Chapter 13 Truth and Interpretation

Chapter 7 Heideggers Fluid Ontology in the 1930s The Platonic Connection
Part IV Toward a Broadened Ontology and Epistemology

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About the author (2011)

Pol Vandevelde is Professor of Philosophy at Marquette University, USA. His previous publications include Être et Discours: La question du langage dans l'itinéraire de Heidegger (1927-1938) (Académie Royale de Belgique, 1994) and The Task of the Interpreter: Text, Meaning, and Negotiation (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2005).
Kevin Hermberg is Assistant Professor and head of the Philosophy program at Dominican College, New York, USA. His previous publications include Husserl's Phenomenology: Knowledge, Objectivity and Others (Continuum, 2006).

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