Burge's Commentaries on Colonial and Foreign Laws Generally: And in Their Conflict with Each Other and with the Law of England, Volume 2

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Sweet & Maxwell limited, 1908 - Conflict of laws
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Appendix 41
Steedman r Steedman 1887 14th Sess Cas 4th ser 1066 274 276
Lindsay 1890 18 Sess Cas 4th ser 365 271
De Souza r Pinheiro 1896 J 204 335
Ukko r Tambya Ram 63 581
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Att Gen r Jewish Colonization Association 1900 2 Q B 556 163 238
Hautfort Marquis le Case Cochin Euvres iii 328
Chilton 1767 4 Burr 2016
Hellmann Re 1866 L R 2 Eq 363
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Elliott In the goods of 1878 I L E 4 Calc 106 71
r Crosby 1812 7 Crunch 11 U S 115 469
Hodge r Sawyer 1893 85 Me 285 27 Atl 153
Didisheim r London and Westminster Bank 1900 2 Ch 15 429
Att Gen for Canada r Cain 1906 A C 542 140146
Ilata Shavatri r Ilata Narayanan Nambudiri 1863 1 Mad H i
Austria Emperor of r Day 1861 2 Gift 628 147
Doglioni r Crispin 1866 L R 1 H L 301 329 375 428
Andr Chale Ex parte 1890 24 Q B D 640
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English Scottish and Australian Chartered Bank In re 1893 3 Ch 385
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Epstein r Woolf 1895 2 0 R 80
Clark A J Studies in Australian Constitutional Law Melbourne 1901
Driscoll r ORonrke 1883 M L R 1 S C 311
Appendix 235240
Erambert r Clerdent C de Liege 1881 J 87 470
Dubois r Denolly 1889 C de Grenoble Dalloz 1890 i 377 274275
Cochin Oeuvres completes 10 vols Paris 18211882

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Page 179 - Real and personal property of every description may be taken, acquired, held, and disposed of by an alien in the same manner in all respects as by a natural-born British subject ; and a title to real and personal property of every description" may be derived through, from, or in succession to an alien in the same manner in all respects as through, from, or in succession to a natural-born British subject...
Page 164 - That after the said limitation shall take effect as aforesaid, no person born out of the kingdoms of England, Scotland or Ireland or the dominions thereunto belonging (although he be naturalized or made a denizen, except such as are born of English parents) shall be capable to be of the privy council, or a member of either house of parliament...
Page 439 - ... unless the agreement upon which such action shall be brought, or some memorandum or note thereof, shall be in writing and signed by the party to be charged therewith...
Page 290 - In every case where a child is born in lawful wedlock, the husband not being separated from his wife by a sentence of divorce, sexual intercourse is presumed to have taken place between the husband and wife, until that presumption is encountered by such evidence as proves to the satisfaction of those who are to decide the question, that such sexual intercourse did not take place at any time, when by such intercourse the husband could, according to the laws of nature, be the father of such child™.
Page 153 - Any two or more persons claiming or being liable as co-partners and carrying on Part ii. business within the jurisdiction ' may sue or be sued in the name of the respective firms...
Page 166 - Kingdom, with this qualification, that he shall not, when within the limits of the foreign State of which he was a subject previously to obtaining his certificate of naturalization, be deemed to be a British subject unless he has ceased to be a subject of that State in pursuance of the laws thereof, or in pursuance of a treaty to that effect.
Page 324 - Causes, praying the Court for a Decree declaring that the Petitioner is the legitimate Child of his Parents, and that the Marriage of his Father and Mother, or of his Grandfather and Grandmother, was a valid Marriage, or for a Decree declaring either of the Matters aforesaid ; and any such Subject or Person, being so domiciled or claiming as aforesaid, may in like Manner apply to such Court for a Decree declaring that his Marriage was or is a valid Marriage...
Page 548 - As between parents adversely claiming the custody or guardianship, neither parent is entitled to it as of right; but other things being equal, if the child is of tender years, it should be given to the mother; if it is of an age to require education and preparation for labor and business then to the father ; 3.
Page 291 - ... the husband may be said to have access to his wife, as being in the same place, or the same house, and yet under such circumstances, as instead of proving, tend to disprove, that any sexual intercourse took place between them.
Page 66 - resides," or has the "intention of indefinite residence," within a particular country is, as far as it goes, evidence that D is domiciled there. " There is," it has been said, " no act, no circumstance in a " man's life, however trivial it may be in itself, which ought to be " left out of consideration in trying the question whether there " was an intention to change the domicil. A trivial act might " possibly be of more weight with regard to determining this ques" tion than an act which was of more...

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