The Nature and Properties of Soils

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Macmillan, 1922 - Great Britain - 653 pages
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I borrowed this book from my labmate to complete my thesis

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Page 95 - Specific gravity: The ratio of the weight of any volume of a substance to the weight of an equal volume of some other substance taken as the standard unit; relative density.
Page 325 - GW 1918. Effect of season and crop growth in modifying the soil extract.
Page 431 - Murray, TJ, The Effect of Straw on the Biological Soil Processes; Soil Sci., Vol.
Page 447 - PRINCIPLES OF AGRICULTURAL CHEMISTRY, with special reference to the late researches made in England.
Page 199 - Studies in the relation of the non-available water of the soil to the hygroscopic coefficient.
Page 446 - The author advocates the use of saltpetre to increase the yield of crops, and says : "By the help of plain saltpetre, dilated in water and mingled with some other fit earthly substance, that may familiarize it a little with the corn into which I endeavored to introduce it, I have made the barrenest ground far outgo the richest, in giving a prodigiously plentiful harvest.
Page 84 - Studies of Scottish Drift Soil, Part I. The Composition of the Soil and of the Mineral Particles Which Compose It; Jour.
Page 267 - ... colloids were in equilibrium with the sea water. If the material were then formed into a shale and elevated to land areas the induration would presumably destroy the colloidal properties leaving the NaCl free from its colloidal entanglements and with the change of the solvent from sea water to rain Patten, HE, and Waggaman, WH, " Absorption by Soils,
Page 142 - Any material which allows a change of form without rupture and which will retain this form when the pressure is removed, is said to be plastic. Putty with a proper admixture of oil is a very good example of a plastic body. As is well known, various materials differ in plasticity.

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