The Great Boer War

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McClure, Phillips., 1902 - South Africa - 446 pages

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Page 28 - The spectacle of thousands of British subjects kept permanently in the position of helots, constantly chafing under undoubted grievances, and calling vainly to Her Majesty's Government for redress, does steadily undermine the influence and reputation of Great Britain, and the respect for the British Government within the Queen's dominions.
Page 213 - No infringement of the rights guaranteed by the Conventions had up to that point taken place on the British side. Suddenly, at two days' notice, the South African Republic, after issuing an insulting ultimatum, declared war upon Her Majesty, and the Orange Free State, with whom there had not even been any discussion, took a similar step. Her Majesty's dominions were immediately invaded by the two Republics, siege was laid to three towns within the British frontier, a large portion of the two colonies...
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Page 40 - REITZ (with his pleasant conscious smile, as of one whose secret thought and purpose had been discovered, and who was not altogether displeased that such was the case). " Well, what if it is so ? " MYSELF. " You don't suppose, do you, that that flag is going to disappear from South Africa without a tremendous struggle and fight ?" REITZ (with the same pleasant self-conscious, self-satisfied, and yet semi-apologetic smile). " Well, I suppose not ; but even so, what of that ? " MYSELF. " Only this,...
Page 39 - ... that at that time, at all events, England and its Government had no intention of taking away the independence of the Transvaal, for she had just
Page 29 - I can see nothing which will put a stop to this mischievous propaganda but some striking proof of the intention of Her Majesty's Government not to be ousted from its position in South Africa.
Page 45 - You will inform the Government of the South African Republic in reply that the conditions demanded by the Government of the South African Republic are such as Her Majesty's Government deem it impossible to discuss.
Page 28 - The case for intervention is overwhelming. The only attempted answer is that things will right themselves if left alone. But, in fact, the policy of leaving things alone has been tried for years, and it has led to their going from bad to worse. It is not true that this is owing to the raid. They were going from bad to worse before the raid.
Page 213 - Honours make some observations of a negative character upon the object with which these preparations were made. I do not think it necessary to discuss the questions you have raised. But the result of these preparations, carried on with great secrecy, has been that the British Empire has been compelled...
Page 21 - They own half the soil, they pay at least threequarters of the taxes,' said he. ' They are men who in capital, energy, and education are at least our equals. What will become of us or our children on that day when we may find ourselves in a minority of one in twenty without a single friend among the other nineteen, among those who will then tell us that they wished to be brothers, but that we by our own act have made them strangers to the Republic ? ' Such reasonable and liberal sentiments were combated...

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