Roof Framing Made Easy: A Practical and Easily Comprehended System, Adapted to Modern Construction, for Laying Out and Framing Roofs

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Industrial publication Company, 1903 - Roofs - 164 pages
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Roof framing made easy: a practical ... (etc.)
It is impractical, if even possible to accurately review, or even read this "book" because it cannot be downloaded, but must be read on line, using
something named Google Play, instead of the usual method of reading e-books. Google Play is IMPRESSIVELY SLOW AND CLUDGEY, and it took several minutes just to get through the first blank pages. Google Play is a sad mistake for Google, and it seems to me constitutes strong evidence that Google is being self-destructively mismanaged. My recommendation is to not bother with this source, but find a volume that can be downloaded and read as a normal e-book on a Nook or Kindle or PC. 

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Page 121 - It has often been said that there is nothing new under the sun, and that straw paper, to which attention is now so prominently pointed, was known and worked sixty years ago.
Page 148 - Fig. 95, draw any base line 7 feet 6 inches in length, as AB, and divide exactly in the center, or at 3 feet 9 inches, as C. From C square up the line to 9 feet high, as CD, and divide this line into 13 equal divisions, as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, &c.
Page 141 - ... house, and second, those which are carried up from the second floor, resting on, or being supported by, the floor beams of the second story. The latter class will be considered, as it embodies more important construction, although some of the matters which will be treated are applicable to all circular towers.
Page 158 - The book is clearly written and the price is so low that it is within the reach of all practitioners and students.
Page 147 - ... perfectly plumb and all plates and headers perfectly level. In order to insure this it is well to be certain that the bottom plate is level by placing a parallel straight edge with a spirit level on top of it, across the plate at different points. Then, if the studding be cut of equal length the upper plate must, in consequence, be placed in a level position.
Page 145 - Fig. 91, and we have no doubt that practical carpenters will fully appreciate what has been pointed out. When the beams are inserted and the main framing has been nailed, a bottom circular plate, or template, marked A, in Fig.
Page 141 - Fig. 92 of the engravings, is a three-quarter circle, the apex of the angle at the corner being the center from which the circular plan is struck. The radius of the plate outside is 3 feet 9 inches, thus making the tower 7 feet 6 inches in diameter.
Page 143 - EASY. level with a room in the second story, and the beams or joists must be framed in such a manner that the flooring can be laid in the circle of the tower, while at the same time being so secured as to support the weight of it. The form of construction indicated in Fig.
Page 144 - EASY. the latter case the leverage outside being much greater than that inside, the plate being the fulcrum, there is a strong probability of its tearing away from the main Fig.
Page 141 - ... floor as to support the tower in a proper manner; that is, so that it will sustain with perfect safety the weight to be placed upon it. Referring to the accompanying illustrations, suppose Fig.

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