A Practical Grammar of the Latin Language; with Perpetual Exercises in Speaking and Writing: For the Use of Schools, Colleges, and Private Learners

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Sanborn, Carter, Bazin & Company, 1858 - Latin language - 706 pages

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Page 583 - God is the creator of heaven and earth; the fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom"; he said, " Repetition is the mother of studies, and a good memory is a great benefit of God." — Why did you not stay longer in Holland ? — When I was there, the living was
Page 487 - It is already a quarter past six, and you have slept long enough. — Is it long since you rose ? — It is an hour and a half since I rose. — Do you often go a walking ? — I go a walking when I have nothing to do at home. — Do you wish to take a walk
Page 501 - undress? — I undress as soon as I return from the theatre. — Dost thou go to the theatre every evening'? — I do not go every evening, for it is better to study than to go to the theatre. — At what o'clock dost thou undress when thou dost not go to the theatre ? — I then undress as soon
Page 524 - yet, but I hope to receive a letter next week — Have you ever seen such a person ? — I have never seen such a one. — Have you already seen our church ? — I have not seen it yet — Where does it stand ? — It stands outside the town. — If you wish to see it, I will go with you in
Page 555 - peasant having seen that old men used spectacles to read, went to an optician and asked for a pair. The peasant then took a book, and having opened it, said the spectacles were not good. The optician put another pair of the best which he could find in his shop
Page 217 - I learn better than he, but he works better than I. — Whose carriage is the finest ? — Yours is very fine, but that of the captain is still finer, and ours is the finest of all. — Has any one as fine apples as we ? — No one has such fine (ones).
Page 524 - and sent us back to our country. — Whom are you looking for ? — I am looking for my little brother. — If you wish to find him, you must go into the garden, for he is there. — The garden is large, and I shall not be able to find him, if you do not tell me in which part,
Page 599 - Will you rise early to-morrow ? — It will depend upon circumstances ; if I go to bed early, I shall rise early, but if I go to bed late, I shall rise late. — Will you love my children? — If they are good. I shall love them. — Will you dine with us to-morrow? — If you
Page 474 - merchant ? — I had a mind to buy several dozen of handkerchiefs, some cravats, and a white hat of him ; but he sells so dear, that I cannot buy anything of him. — Will you take me to another ? — I will take you to" the son of the one whom you bought of last year. — Does he sell as dear
Page 387 - •which books are you in want ? — I am in want of those of which you have spoken to me. — Are you not in want of those which I am reading ? — I am not in want of them. — Is any one in want of the coats of which my tailor has spoken to me

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