Legends and Lyrics: A Book of Verses

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D. Appleton and company, 1860 - 264 pages
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Page 216 - I thank Thee more that all our joy Is touched with pain ; That shadows fall on brightest hours, That thorns remain ; So that earth's bliss may be our guide, And not our chain.
Page 69 - RISE ! for the day is passing, And you lie dreaming on ; The others have buckled their armor, And forth to the fight are gone : A place in the ranks awaits you, Each man has some part to play ; The Past and the Future are nothing, In the face of the stern To-day.
Page 29 - One by one (bright gifts from Heaven) Joys are sent thee here below ; Take them readily when given, Ready too to let them go. One by one thy griefs shall...
Page 151 - mid the trees, That stood below the stream. At eve they all assembled, All care and doubt were fled ; With jovial laugh they feasted, The board was nobly spread, The elder of the village Rose up, his glass in hand, And cried, " We drink the downfall " Of an accursed land ! " The night is growing darker, " Ere one more day is flown, " Bregenz, our foemen's stronghold
Page 42 - A WOMAN'S QUESTION Before I trust my Fate to thee, Or place my hand in thine, Before I let thy Future give Colour and form to mine, Before I peril all for thee, question thy soul to-night for me. I break all slighter bonds, nor feel A shadow of regret: Is there one link within the Past, That holds thy spirit yet? Or is thy Faith as clear and free as that which I can pledge to thee? Does there within thy dimmest dreams A possible future shine, Wherein thy life could henceforth breathe, Untouched,...
Page 149 - She spoke no more of Bregenz, with longing and with tears ; her Tyrol home seemed faded in a deep mist of years. She heeded not the rumors of Austrian war and strife ; each day she rose contented to the calm toils of life.
Page 44 - It may not be thy fault alone — but shield my heart against thy own. Couldst thou withdraw thy hand one day And answer to my claim, That Fate, and that to-day's mistake — Not thou — had been to blame ? Some soothe their conscience thus; but thou wilt surely warn and save me now. Nay, answer not, — I dare not hear, The words would come too late ; Yet I would spare thee all remorse, So, comfort thee, my Fate — Whatever on my heart may fall — remember, I would risk it all!
Page 153 - help Bregenz, and bring me there in time!" But louder than bells' ringing, or lowing of the kine, Grows nearer in the midnight the rushing of the Rhine.
Page 107 - Present shall fulfil them, What he promised, she shall do. She inherits all his treasures, She is heir to all his fame; And the light that lightens round her Is the lustre of his name. She is wise with all his wisdom, Living on his grave she stands; On her brow she bears his laurels, And his harvest in her hands.
Page 49 - These many days; Will dreary hours never leave the earth ? O doubting heart! The stormy clouds on high Veil the same sunny sky That soon (for spring is nigh) Shall wake the summer into golden mirth. Fair hope is dead, and light Is quenched in night. What sound can break the silence of despair ? O doubting heart! Thy sky is overcast, Yet stars shall rise at last, Brighter for darkness past. And angels

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