Daphne in Fitzroy Street

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George Allen & Sons, 1909 - 417 pages
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Page 330 - Love me not for comely grace, For my pleasing eye or face...
Page 250 - WHEN Daphne looks back at that summer it seems to her that the sun always shone. She sees always the glare of the glazed shop-fronts, the dry pavement that scorched one's feet, the fruit and flowers and barrows wheeled by hoarse-voiced, anxious-looking people, who sold everything very cheaply. She sees through the iron railings of University College the students sitting on the grass eating their lunch, or having...
Page 277 - Her passionate energy was of the kind that makes days elastic and stretches them till they include one's duties as well as one's pleasures." In the same book 15 she touched upon another capacity of her own which stood her in good stead through all the years of her career : "This gift of being able to put aside, at will, the troubling things of life, laying them apart till a more convenient season, not, cowardly, shrinking from them, but bravely holding them at arm's length. ... It is a gift that...
Page 184 - Man and Superman,'" she said. "I do think it's silly." " Did n't you like it ? Most young ladies rave over Mr. Bernard Shaw." "Oh, it was clever," said Daphne, "much cleverer than anything I ever saw. But
Page 248 - Daphne," he said again, in that voice that might well have been the life's music of some one else, "Daphne, kiss me " She could not speak; she could hardly breathe. His eyes still held hers. His face did not move, and yet their faces were drawing nearer together. "Kiss me,
Page 250 - College the students sitting on the grass eating their lunch, or having inviting looking tea-parties, the coloured pinafores of the girl students, the interesting attitudes and coloured neckties of the young men. She sees the women in the little by-streets that to them were home, and to her short cuts, combing out their hair on their door-steps. And everywhere little children playing in the dust.
Page 329 - Browning who laments that we never get "the time and the place and the loved one all together.
Page 351 - Anxiety, thwarted longing, the persistent consciousness of unspeakable disaster, induced in the girl a continued physical nausea. She was driven to the craftiest expedients to hide from her friends how little she could eat, and how seldom. But she did hide it, hiding with it all the rest.
Page 141 - She went out gaily, the child stepping beside her. She returned heavy footed with the child dragging after. And the brown paper parcel of sketches, whose string had been untied so often and so wearily, had grown strangely heavy to carry.
Page 185 - much cleverer than anything I ever saw. But " "But?" "People don't run after people like that in real life. It's simply caricature!

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