Zeitschrift des Deutschen Palästina-Vereins, Volumes 10-12

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Page xii - Un chapitre inédit de la question des lieux-saints, que le tombeau de Jésus n'est pas dans l'église du Saint-Sépulcre, mais dans la Mosquée d'Omar à Jérusalem. Paris 1861.
Page 104 - Twenty-one Year.s' Work in the Holy Land (a record and a summary) June 22, 1865 — June 22 1886. Published for the Committee of the
Page 113 - Buried cities recovered; or, explorations in Bible Lands. Giving the results of recent researches in the east, and recovery of many places in sacred and profane history long considered lost. 5
Page 120 - Ark of the Flood and Tabernacle; or Holy Houses of the Hebrew, Chaldee, Syriac, Samaritan, Septuagint, Coptic, and Itala Scriptures; Josephus, Talmud and Rabbis. With
Page 104 - König, The religious history of Israel. A discussion of the chief problems in Old Testament history äs opposed to the
Page ii - Thomson, WM, The Land and the Book; or biblical Illustration» drawn from the manners and eustoms, the scenes and scenery of the holy Land.
Page 198 - Templi Salomonis, sub platea aqua decurrit ad fontem Siloam secus Porticum Salomonis. In ipsa Basilica est sedes, in qua sedit Pilatus, quando Dominum audivit«.
Page 113 - Israel and Judah, from the reign of Ahab to the decline of the two kingdoms. London. Religious Tract
Page 108 - ferment products, etc., and map of the routes of the Exodus. With description of the different authors' contentions. London, Trübner, 1887. VIII, 179
Page iii - Dr. R. Lepsius von Theben nach der Halbinsel des Sinai vom 4. März bis zum 14. April 1845.

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