Annual Report of the Maine Agricultural Experiment Station, Issues 138-150

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University of Maine, 1908 - Agriculture
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Page 187 - An Act for preventing the manufacture, sale, or transportation of adulterated or misbranded, or poisonous, or deleterious foods, drugs, medicines, and liquors, and for regulating traffic therein, and for other purposes...
Page 336 - June 30, 1902; that we have found the same well kept and classified as above, and that the receipts for the year from the Treasurer of the United States...
Page 203 - The law regulating the sale of commercial fertilizers in this State calls for two bulletins each year. The first of these contains the analyses of the samples received from the manufacturer guaranteed to represent, within reasonable limits, the goods to be placed upon the market later. The second bulletin contains the analyses of the samples collected in the open market by a representative of the Station. The analyses of the manufacturers' samples for this year were published in March.
Page 190 - Maple sirup is sirup made by the evaporation of maple sap or by the solution of maple concrete, and contains not more than thirty-five (35) per cent of water and weighs not less than eleven (11) pounds to the gallon (231 cu. in.).
Page 66 - No. 8 of the Office of Experiment Stations of the US Department of Agriculture. A...
Page iv - Jersey citizen who is concerned in agriculture, whether farmer, manufacturer, or dealer, has the right to apply to the Station for any assistance that comes within its province to render, and the Station will respond to all applications as far as lies in its power.
Page 66 - Soils vary greatly in their capabilities of supplying food to crops. Different ingredients are deficient in different soils. The way to learn what materials are proper in a given case is by observation and experiment. The rational method for determining what ingredients of...
Page 1 - Dealers may base their guarantees upon tests conducted by themselves, their agents, or by the Director of the Maine Agricultural Experiment Station: Provided, That such tests shall be made under such conditions as the said Director may prescribe.
Page 174 - ... food is all coarse. This is a very important fact and should be taken advantage of, at the time when the young things are most susceptible to rapid growth. But the development must be moderate during the first few weeks. The digestive organs must be kept in normal condition by the partial use of hard foods, and the gizzard must not be deprived of its legitimate work and allowed to become weak by disuse.
Page 93 - concentrated commercial feedingstuffs," as used in this act, .shall include linseed meals, cottonseed meals, pea meals, cocoanut meals, gluten meals, gluten feeds, maize feeds, starch feeds, sugar feeds, dried brewer's grains, malt sprouts, hominy feeds, cerealine feeds, rice meals, oat feeds, corn and oat chops...

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