My Hotwife's BBC Betrayal

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Boruma Publishing, 2017 - Fiction
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Ryan was blissfully happy with his sexy wife, Carrie, until a lab accident forced him into protective isolation. Now he?s learning that she has needs he can no longer satisfy?and watching each other masturbate through the glass wall just isn?t cutting it. Betrayal tangles with sheer raging lust when she finds a big black stud lover?and flaunts him in Ryan?s face!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Carrie arrived breathless after four in the afternoon. Her face was a bright pink and her hair was a mess. She was wearing a thin purple dress that ended at mid-thigh. One of the straps had fallen down her arm, revealing the lack of a bra strap. It didn?t matter, as she quickly stripped the dress off and threw it on the bed. My wife was completely naked underneath, which meant she?d walked into the hospital wearing only that light purple dress.

She threw herself at the glass wall in front of me. ?Ryan, I was a bad girl!? she said breathlessly. ?You?ll probably divorce me.?

?Slow down, Carrie. What happened?? I asked.

?I went to the place?the place where he waxed me. You remember, right? The big black guy?? She looked at me with wide eyes, her face now even more pink. ?I asked him to show me the designs again, the tattoos?? She had to stop to catch her breath. When she was ready to start again, she leaned her back against the wall next to the glass. If I stayed close, I could still catch her profile.

?He pushed me against the wall, Ryan. Just like this, and he?and he?oh God, Ryan!? She looked at me with fear in her eyes. ?He kissed me, Ryan.?

?It?s okay, Carrie. That?s not so bad,? I told her.

?You don?t understand, that?s not all he did. He kissed me and his lips were wonderful. They?re so full and soft. I lost myself in them, even when he started using his tongue. Oh, honey, it was so exciting. I?m so sorry I let that happen,? she said, but she didn?t look sorry. She looked like she had more to tell.

?It?s all right, Carrie. Whatever happened, you?re here now. Just tell me everything,? I said.

?He kissed my face, he even kissed my neck, and I moved my head so he could.? Carrie leaned her head on her left shoulder, exposing the long expanse of her neck. My wife?s perfect white complexion was marked my tiny red marks where he?d given her hickeys. Some big black guy had sucked on my wife?s neck and she?d let him.

I was shocked into silence by the sight. My heart hammered in my chest, jealousy flooded my system.

?His mouth felt so good on my neck and throat,? Carrie said. Her head tilted back, exposing her throat to me. ?I was moaning, Ryan. I could hear myself. I was moaning before he pushed my strap down my arm and touched me - there.? As if to demonstrate, Carrie used her left hand to cup herself. ?He felt me, Ryan. It was so excited for him. Forgive me, honey. I liked it. I loved it. I know I moaned. I could hear myself.? Carrie was touching herself as she held her mouth as though she was still being kissed?even moving her tongue as though she were licking another man?s lips. ?Then he forced his leg between my thighs. He made me part my legs while he kissed me and ? touched me. It was like he owned me. I had to spread my legs for him. You see that, don?t you, honey? I had to spread my legs.?

I nodded dumbly, and removed my hospital gown so I could be as naked as she was. I heard my blood rushing in my ears.

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