The Numismatic Chronicle

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Royal Numismatic Society., 1881 - Numismatics
With v. 1 is bound; Horta, de, chevalier. Catalogue d'une partie de la collection de médailles. Londres, J. Wertheimer.

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Page 253 - Synopsis of the contents of the British Museum (Department of coins and medals. A Guide to the select greek and roman coins exhibited in electrotype. By Barclay V. HEAD).
Page 213 - Coins struck within the Castle of Dublin, or elsewhere in Ireland by the King's Officers, according to the print described^, should be current among all the subjects...
Page 244 - Anglosaxon Coins in the Royal Swedish Cabinet of Medals at Stockholm all found in Sweden.
Page 181 - Austrian family to its extinction, or from the beginning of the sixteenth century to the end of the seventeenth.
Page 253 - FRS, President, in the Chair. The following gentlemen were elected Members of the Society— GUSTAV SELIGMANN.
Page 90 - ... different value ; having on one side the creed of the faithful, and the names of the as'hab (the first four caliphs), while on the other side was the King's title, and the year of his reign in which the coin was struck. The Hindoo bankers, at the instigation of the Rajas of Beejanuggur and Tulingana, melted all the coins which fell into their hands, in order that those of the infidels might alone be current in the Deccan. Mahomed Shah, incensed against them on their persisting in the offence,...
Page 51 - ... and the testoon of sixpence to four-pence halfpenny ; excepting the testoons marked in the uppermost part in the border thereof with one of the following four marks, viz. a lion, a rose, a harp, or a flower-de-luce, which were not above a sixth part of the said base testoons, but which were so base and full of copper (as was easy to be seen and understood), and differed so much in value from all the rest of the base testoons...
Page 267 - The meeting then proceeded to ballot for the Council and officers for the ensuing year, when the following gentlemen were elected : — President.
Page 212 - ... by processe of tyme, to extreme poverte and desolacion, enlesse that then other due provision be had therupon in all hast. We therfore woll and charge you, and everie of you, as to him it shall or may apperteigne in the straytest wise, that incontynent upon the rescept of thise our lettres ye see and provide that on either side of every pece of sylver to be coigned herafter within our said land of Irland, ther be prynted and set in the...

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