Secrets of Our Spaceship Moon

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Dell, 1979 - 282 pages
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There are simply too many omissions from our common science literature about the moon to say we, the general public, know the complete story of the moon. When you ask people if you can ring a solid object most of the time they recognize that you can not. When you tell them that we have crashed spacecraft in to the surface of the money and made it ring like a bell they look at you like you're crazy but this is a well documented fact. This book is for those with an open mind and will provide you a broader base of good questions to be curious about. The truth is stranger than fiction sometimes and in the case of our moon the truth is truly strange. Enjoy! 

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If you read just one book about our moon, read this one by Don Wilson: "Secrets of Our Spaceship Moon." Not only will you be convinced that our moon is a hollowed out kind of Noah's Ark, but you will be absolutely convinced that aliens have actually steered our moon, which is not really ours, into its present orbit. One of the proofs of this is the age of the moon rocks, which when examined where said to be older than the earth and our solar system: 4-20 billion years of age. This book reveals and explains the many alien constructions that have been photographed on the moon by the Apollo Missions: a dome over ten miles high with a single glass pane still intact about two thirds of the way up....There is a video of this dome made by Richard C. Hoagland that was shown at the United Nations. in a closed session and is now available to the public....The recent documentary that was shown on the Sy-Fy channel: "Aliens on the Moon," on July of 2014 is further proof of this book's revealing scientific facts...If you can still get a used copy of the book you will be rewarded with the key to the UFO mystery and our very creation, as the many books by the scholar Zacharia Sitchin wrote about starting with his cult classic: "The 12th Planet." However, he never mentioned the moon as the present home of the aliens who created us, which he claimed came from a planet outside the orbit of Pluto that crossed the orbit of Mars and the Earth every 3600 years, the planet Marduk. This book by Don Wilson is the missing link Mr. Sitchin was looking for, together with George H. Leonard's book: "Somebody Else is on the Moon," which the documentary "Aliens on the Moon," by the Sy-Fy channel was based upon.  


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