General Laws of the State of Texas

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Secretary of State., 1876 - Session laws
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Page 145 - The general assembly shall provide, by law, that in all elections for directors or managers of incorporated companies, every stockholder shall have the right to vote, in person or by proxy, for the number of shares of stock owned by him, for as many persons as there are directors or managers to be elected, or to cumulate said shares, and give one candidate as many votes as the number of directors multiplied by the number of his shares of stock shall equal, or to distribute them on the same principle...
Page 140 - State for the transaction of its business, where transfers of stock shall be made, and in which shall be kept, for public inspection, books in which shall be recorded the amount of capital stock subscribed, and by whom; the names of the owners of its stock, and the amounts owned by them respectively; the amount of stock paid in, and by whom; the transfers of said stock; the amount of its assets and liabilities, and the names and place of residence of its officers.
Page 302 - All qualified electors of the State, as herein described, who shall have resided for six months immediately preceding an election within the limits of any city or corporate town, shall have the right to vote for Mayor and all other elective officers ; but in all elections to determine expenditure of money or assumption of debt, only those shall be qualified to vote who pay taxes on property in said city or incorporated town...
Page 215 - ... proportion that the ascertained value of the funds of the said company may be found to bear to the original capital of the said company ; the value of such shares for which new certificates shall be issued to be ascertained under the direction of the said auditor, and the company paying for the fractional parts of shares ; and it shall be lawful for...
Page 144 - And every company whose railroad is or shall be hereafter intersected by any new railroad, shall unite with the owners of such new railroad in forming such intersections and connections, and grant the facilities aforesaid ; and if the two corporations cannot agree upon the amount of compensation to be made therefor, or the points and manner of such crossings and connections...
Page 275 - The amount of bills receivable, discounted or purchased, and other credits due or to become due, including accounts receivable, and interest accrued but not due, and interest due and unpaid.
Page xxii - ... to each county seat now or hereafter to be established, and by such table the mileage of each member shall be paid; but no member shall be entitled to mileage for any extra session that may be called within one day after the adjournment of a regular or called session.
Page 272 - credits, whenever used in this act, shall be held to mean and include every claim and demand for money, or other valuable thing-, and every annuity, or sum of money receivable at stated. •• periods, due, or to become due, and all claims and demands secured by deed or mortgage, due, or to become due.
Page 144 - The rolling stock, and all other movable property belonging to any railroad company or corporation in this State, shall be considered personal property, and shall be liable to execution and sale in the same manner as the personal property of individuals, and the General Assembly shall pass no law exempting any such property from execution and sale.

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