The Curial Made by Maystere Alain Charretier, Issue 54

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Early English Text Society, 1888 - Courts and courtiers - 20 pages
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Page 39 - London, N. To do honour to CHAUCER, and to let the lovers and students of him see how far the best unprinted Manuscripts of his works differ from the printed texts, this Society was founded in
Page 39 - 3, St George's Square, Primrose Hill, NW Hon. Sec. /—WA DA.LZIEL, Esq., 67, Victoria Road, Finsbury Park, London, N. To do honour to CHAUCER, and to let the lovers and students of him see how far the best unprinted Manuscripts of his works
Page 40 - to make out the succession of his Plays, and thereby the growth of his mind and art ; to promote the intelligent study of him, and to print Texts illustrating his Works and his Times, the
Page 25 - a MS. KK. 1. 5, in the Cambridge University Library. Edited by Rev. Prof. JR Lumby, MA 2-s. 41. William Lauder's Minor Poems. Edited by FJ Furnivall,
Page 39 - Prof. Child, of Harvard College, Cambridge, Massachusetts, is the Society's Honorary Secretary for America. Members' names and subscriptions may be sent to the Publishers, or to the Honorary Secretary,
Page 18 - Ne chiere que d'omme joyeux. 8 Ne servir que de roy souverain, Ne lait nom que d'omme ahonty, Ne mangier fors quant on a fain, N'emprise que d'omme hardi, Ne povreté que maladie, 12 Ne hante[r] que les bons et preux, Ne maison que la bien garnie, Ne chiere que d'omme joieux. 16 Et n'est
Page vii - A pleasaunt and learned Disputation, / betweene them both : very profitable and ne- / cessarie to be read of all Nobilitie / and Gentlemen / Wherein is discoursed, what / order of lyfe, best beseemeth a Gentleman, (aswell for e- / ducation, as the course of his whole life) to make him a / person fytte for the publique seruice of his Prince and / Countrey. / Imprinted at London, by
Page 36 - •RUTGERS COLLEGE LIBRARY, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA •ST. ANDREW'S UNIVERSITY LIBRARY, NB »ST. CATHERINE'S COLLEGE, Cambridge (by Deighton, Bell, & Co.). »ST. JOHN'S COLLEGE, Cambridge (by Deighton, Bell, & Co.). •ST. JOHN'S COLLEGE, Annapolis, Maryland, USA (by Stevens). *ST. Louis PUBLIC SCHOOL LIBRARY (by Stevens).
Page 32 - Yorkshire. AUSTIN, Stephen, Hertford. »BAER, Messrs. J. & Co., Frankfort (by Trübner & Co.). BALLIOL COLLEGE, OXFORD. *BAYLEY, Arthur, Pembroke College, Oxford. •BERLIN UNIVERSITY LIBRARY (by Asher & Co.). »BlNNS, Rev. William, Stourton Lodge, Arno Road, Oxton, Birkenhead. »BIRMINGHAM CENTRAL FREE LIBRARY, Ratcliff Place, Birmingham. * BIRMINGHAM LIBRARY, CE Scarse, Esq., Union Street, Birmingham.
Page 32 - H., King's College, Cambridge. BRACKETT, Dr. JR Montpelier, Vermont, USA BRADLEY, Henry, 11, Bleisho Rd., Lavender Hill, London, SW *BRESLAU UNIVERSITY LIBRARY (by Asher & Co.). »BROOKE, Col. Thomas, Armitage Bridge, Huddersfield. »BROOKLYN MERCANTILE LIBRARY, New York, USA (by Allen). BROWN, Arthur Henry, Brentwood (by Trübner & Co.). *BROWN, Prof., Canterbury College, Christchurch, New Zealand (by

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