Quantum Religion: The Good News of Rising Consciousness

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AuthorHouse, Nov 30, 2011 - Philosophy - 324 pages
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QUANTUM RELIGION, Enlarging from the Inside-Out

These times are scary but also hope-filled — scary because of degraded nature, but hope-filled because global religion is coming to new self-understanding. In a word, “religion” means relationship; “good news” is experienced in relationships. Life itself is good news because it has built-in intelligence that can avoid hurtful relationships and can choose sustainable relationships instead.

Global relationship (religion) is waking up to the tragic misdirection of imperial, top-down control, in contrast to the ordered direction of organic life growing and enlarging from within. Growing from the inside out happens incrementally with experience, a little bit at a time. But the good news is that consciousness of experience (the ground of faith) is cumulative by trial and error, and reveals what is sustainable and what is not.

Organic relationships originated minutely, but have grown to the point of being self-reflective in the human person. Essential to growth is change, as experience has shown. But, political forces of self-interest compete to create self-serving webs of relationships that intend to dominate and control. The monopoly control of Christian churches has been centered in Rome under pope kings. The violence of imperial overreach came to a head in medieval times; and the weight of oppression, so heavy at that time, drove people to rebel and demand change. Denominational Christianity today is made up of reform factions of original Roman Catholicism.

In the present time, the coming apart of imperial Roman Catholicism is happening with the resignation of Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI and with the election of Pope Francis I. For the first time in the history of the Roman Catholic Church, it is opening up to the organic nature of life, including humankind, and the incremental nature of relationships, growing bit-by-bit from within, not from the top down.

Cosmic nature informs all relationships with the possibility and necessity of continuity and holding together from within. The mentality of dominion culture underlies the waste of nature by colonial overreach and corporate capitalism. The consciousness of love grounds in the universal understandings of common wellbeing, and expands in the incremental growth of complexity-consciousness. The affirming harmony of intentional relationships is the good news of personal/ social wellbeing and the condition of an uplifting and sustainable future.

The personal search for self-identity takes on new meaning in light of understanding religion as common organic relatedness in Cosmic Earth evolution. The possibility of religions coming together on grounds of universal understandings is real given the wide open potentials of communication and the continuity of diverse life inside the webs of organic evolution. Beyond the benefits of the personal uplift of consciousness, QUANTUM RELIGION provides cohesive insights for bringing communities to a higher sense of religion and civility, and the necessary sensitivity that secures natural ecologies for future wellbeing. QUANTUM RELIGION is the good news of rising consciousness.


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Steffen is a scientist who is also trained in philosophy and theology. From 1946 to 1957, he studied for the Catholic priesthood with The Society of the Divine Word missionary Order. In 1960, he completed research studies in the environmental management of stored corn grain and received a master's degree in plant physiology from Iowa State University. He worked for more than 30 years as a grain scientist, inventor and business entrepreneur.

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