The Family and the New Democracy: A Study in Social Hygiene

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W. B. Saunders, 1920 - Families - 388 pages
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Page 47 - For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh. This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church.
Page 283 - It was ordained for the mutual society, help, and comfort, that the one ought to have of the other, both in prosperity and adversity.
Page 280 - Each choosing each through all the weary hours, And meeting strangely at one sudden goal. Then blend they, like green leaves with golden flowers Into one beautiful and perfect whole; And life's long night is ended, and the way Lies open onward to eternal day.
Page 337 - Into this holy estate these two persons present come now to be joined. If any man can show just cause, why they may not lawfully be joined together, let him now speak, or else hereafter for ever hold his peace.
Page 85 - She may even be a quasi-willing victim, but she yields rather from sentimental feeling than from sexual inclination. * * * Women are the most pitiless and unrelenting in the ostracism of those of their sex who have crossed the Rubicon of virtue. The virtuous matron who would shield her daughter from all contact with a fallen sister as contaminating, with most indulgent charity smiles upon the very man who may have been the author of her ruin, she may, indeed, receive him as a suitor for her daughter...
Page 117 - In order that woman should reach the same standard as man, she ought, when nearly adult, to be trained to energy and perseverance, and to have her reason and imagination exercised to the highest point; and then she would probably transmit these qualities chiefly to her adult daughters.
Page 335 - ... and the other parent being neuropathic, half the children will be neuropathic and half will be normal but capable of transmitting the neuropathic make-up to their progeny.
Page 54 - The English courts only recognize as a true marriage one which, in addition to being valid in other respects, involves the essential requirement that it is a ^voluntary union of one man and one woman for life to the exclusion of all others, which is substantially the definition of marriage given by Lord Penzance in the leading case of Hyde v.
Page 21 - ... although I shall throughout deal with unions which are, or may be supposed to be, sanctioned by custom or law. From what has been said above it appears that marriage and the family are most intimately connected with one another : it is originally for the benefit of the young that male and female continue to live together. We may therefore say that marriage is rooted in the family rather than the family in marriage.
Page 140 - The point to be emphasized as the outcome of this study is that, according to our present light, the psychological differences of sex seem to be largely due, not to difference of average capacity, nor to difference in type of mental activity, but to differences in the social influences brought to bear on the developing individual from early infancy to adult years.

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