"Our County and Its People": A History of Hampden County, Massachusetts, Volume 3

Front Cover
Alfred Minott Copeland
Century Memorial Publishing Company, 1902 - Hampden County (Mass.)

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Page 355 - Township, who shall each have a dwelling house of the following dimensions, viz : twenty-four feet long, eighteen feet wide and seven feet stud, and have seven acres of land well cleared and fenced, and brought to English grass or plowed ; and, also, settle a learned Protestant minister of the Gospel in each of said Townships, within the term aforesaid.
Page 136 - Adams' measure, — a potent weapon in the coming conflict. Another resolve was, "that this House will, by all prudent means, endeavor to discountenance the use of foreign superfluities, and to encourage the manufactures of this Province." The English government demanded the rescinding the vote authorizing the Circular Letter, but the House, by a vote of 92 to 17, refused obedience, " The galleries were cleared, and all communication with the other Board or from the outside, was shut off...
Page 86 - ... bearing on the value and efficiency of the principles on which the government was founded, in maintaining and securing the permanent well-being of a nation — would, indeed, be incomplete if we failed to measure the power and purity of the religious elements which pervade and elevate our society. One might as well expect our land to keep its climate, its fertility, its salubrity, and its beauty, were the globe loosened from the law which holds it in an orbit, where we feel the tempered radiance...
Page 218 - Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and House of Representatives, That that part of the said town of Newbury, and the inhabitants thereof, included within the following lines, viz.
Page 71 - Merrimack river, and constructing one or more locks and canals in connection with said dam, to remove obstructions in said river by falls and rapids...
Page 320 - American history are wont to think of those years which intervened between the close of the Revolutionary War and the adoption of the Federal Constitution as the Critical Period of American History...
Page 135 - That this house will use their utmost endeavors, and enforce their endeavors by example, in suppressing extravagance, idleness, and vice, and promoting industry, economy, and good morals, in their respective towns.
Page 73 - Company, as denned in the act creating it, was "of upholding and maintaining the dam across the Connecticut river heretofore constructed by the Hadley Falls Company and one or more locks and canals in connection with the said dam, and of creating and maintaining a water power to be used by said corporation for manufacturing and mechanical purposes, and to be sold or leased to other persons or corporations to be used for like purposes.
Page 422 - O very pleasant hast ihou been." "In memory of Lieutenant Nathaniel Burt, who was slain in the memorable battle of Lake George, Sept. 8th, 1755. when his Colonel and other brave officers fell, yet a signal victory was obtained over the enemy. Mr. Nathaniel Burt was a deacon of this church, an exemplary Christian, a man of public spirit and a good soldier, well beloved at home and in ye army. A concern for pure religion caused his going into ye military service. He died in his 45th year. 2 Chron:...
Page 337 - Court the great difficulties they labor under in their present situation and have earnestly requested that they may be incorporated into a separate town — Be it therefore Enacted by the Governor, Council and House of Representatives.

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