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Wow, this is one of the worst books I have ever read! The author seems to be filled with hate and full of radical feminism (the kind of feminism that most feminists can't even stand).
This book
has more inaccuracies than 50 Shades of Grey (if you can believe that). It's a joke that Janice Raymond has such a high view of herself that she knows where her book is going to be used. I thought Universities had standards...
But then again, it could be used in some of those class, I mean if you want an example of someone who is a hateful transpobic person, why not read this? It will show you how someone who hates others gets across their message with tons of misinformation, and that their book will still get published!

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Janice Raymond was such a hateful bigot, she had the nerve to suggest that there is nothing wrong with people; that the problem is society. She said that everyone is beautiful and wonderful and perfect just the way they are. She said that nobody needs to be surgically corrected, because it's society that needs to accept people for who they are rather than expecting them to conform to rigid gender. She said that everyone should love themselves and the bodies they were born in, and that society should love them too and not make them feel like they're in the "wrong body" just because the don't conform to gender stereotypes. Gosh, she was such a horrible, hateful bigot.  

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I've read worse. Janice Raymond was transphobic, but not nearly as transphobic as, say, Germaine Greer. The work is badly organized; chapter 2 draws on arguments in chapter 3, and chapter 4 doesn't even make sense. The work has some usefulness. Raymond makes telling critiques of the medical system and the pressures it puts on trans people, and of the way some contemporary feminists idealized androgyny while disparaging womonhood. 

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