Elements of German Grammar

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Thompson, Bigelow & Brown, 1872
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Page 60 - The second and third person singular of the present indicative and the second person singular of the imperative are also given whenever irregular.
Page 57 - Most verbs of this conjugation which have the radical vowel e, take in the second and third person singular of the present indicative, and...
Page 67 - HAÏR, to hate, except in the three persons singular of the Present Indicative, and in the second person singular of the Imperative, preserves the two dots on ï.
Page 14 - Words ending in n do not take an additional n in the dative plural.
Page 66 - Infinitive. beißen, to bite bieid)en, to lose color gieid)en, to resemble gleiten, to slide greifen, to seize fneifen, to pinch leiben, to suffer pfeifen, to whistle reißen, to tear reiten, to ride...
Page 46 - I will bu willft, thou wilt er will, he will wir wollen, we will ihr wollt, you will fie wollen, they will. Subjunetive. PRESENT. Зd) wolle, I be willing bu wolieft, thou be er wolle, he be wir wollen, we be il)l' wollet, you be fie wollen, they be AUXILIARIES OF MOOD.
Page 43 - A great discovery for you. AL-HAFI. His king But needed to advance upon the pawn Against her check. If I could only show you ! NATHAN. I'll take your word for it. AL-HAFI For so the rook Were brought into the field, and she were lost.
Page 41 - Зdj werbe, I become bu Wirft, thou becomest er wirb, he becomes wir werben, we become iljr werbet, you become fie werben, they become.

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