Practical Bookbinding

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Scott, Greenwood & Company, 1903 - Bookbinding - 183 pages

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Page 176 - Loco and Anti-friction—Clarifying and Utilisation of waste Fats, Oils, Tank Bottoms, Drainings of Barrels and Drums, Pickings Up, Dregs, etc.—The Fixing and Cleaning of Oil Tanks, etc.—Appendix and General Information. ANIMAL FATS AND OILS: Their Practical Production, Purification and Uses for a great Variety of Purposes. Their Properties, Falsification and Examination. Translated from the German
Page 5 - Reissue of THE ART OF DYEING WOOL, SILK AND COTTON. Translated from the French of M. HELLOT, M. MACQUER and M. LE PILEUR D'APLIGNY. First Published in English in 1789. Six Plates. Demy 8vo. 446 pp. 1901. Price 5s.; India and Colonies, 5s. 6d.; Other Countries, 6s.; strictly net. Contents. Part I., The Art
Page 4 - 22 COLOUR MATCHING ON TEXTILES. A Manual intended for the use of Students of Colour Chemistry, Dyeing and Textile Printing. By DAVID PATERSON, FCS Coloured Frontispiece. Twenty-nine Illustrations and Fourteen Specimens Of Dyed Fabrics. Demy 8vo. 132 pp. 1901. Price 7s. 6d.; India and Colonies, 8s.; Other Countries, 8s. 6d.; strictly net. Contents.
Page 10 - 28 SANITARY PLUMBING AND DRAINAGE. By JOHN W. HART. Demy 8vo. With 208 Illustrations. 250 pp. 1904. Price 7s. 6d.; India and Colonies, 8s.; Other Countries, 8s. 6d.; strictly net. Contents. Sanitary Surveys—Drain Testing—Drain Testing with Smoke—Testing Drains with Water —Drain Plugs for Testing—Sanitary Defects—Closets—Baths and Lavatories—House Drains —Manholes—Iron Soil Pipes—Lead Soil Pipes—Ventilating Pipes—Water-closets—Flushing Cisterns—Baths —Bath
Page 4 - THE DYEING OF COTTON FABRICS: A Practical Handbook for the Dyer and Student. By FRANKLIN BEECH, Practical Colourist and Chemist. 272 pp. Forty-four Illustrations of Bleaching and Dyeing Machinery. Demy Svo. 1901. Price 7s. 6d. ; India and Colonies, 8s. ; Other Countries, 8s. 6d. ; strictly net. Contents.
Page 176 - on Petroleum—Glossary of Technical Terms used in the Petroleum Industry—Copious Index. THE PRACTICAL COMPOUNDING OF OILS, TALLOW AND GREASE FOR LUBRICATION, ETC. By AN EXPERT OIL REFINER. 100pp. 1898. Demy 8vo. Price 7s. 6d.; India and Colonies, 8s.; Other Countries, 8s. 6d.; strictly net. Contents.
Page 8 - and Smoke Tests of Boilers—Some Standard Smoke Trials—The Legal Aspect of the Smoke Question—The Best Means to be adopted for the Prevention of Smoke—Index. GAS AND COAL DUST FIRING. A Critical Review of the Various Appliances Patented in Germany for this purpose since 1885. By
Page 183 - Substitutes—Index. Leather Trades. PRACTICAL TREATISE ON THE LEATHER INDUSTRY. By A. M. VILLON. Translated by FRANK T. ADDYMAN, B.Sc. (Lond.), FIC, FCS; and Corrected by an Eminent Member of the Trade. 500 pp., royal 8vo. 1901. 123 Illustrations. Price 21s.; India and Colonies, 22s.; Other Countries, 23s. 6d.; strictly net. Contents. Preface—Translator's Preface—List of Illustrations.
Page 181 - or the Separation of Silver from Argentiferous Lead—Cupellation—The Manufacture of Lead Pipes and Sheets—Protoxide of Lead—Litharge and Massicot—Red Lead or Minium—Lead Poisoning —Lead Substitutes—Zinc and its Compounds—Pumice Stone—Drying Oils and Siccatives —Oil of Turpentine Resin—Classification of Mineral Pigments—Analysis of Raw and Finished Products—Tables—Index. NOTES ON LEAD ORES : Their Distribution and Properties. By JAS. FAIRIE, FGS Crown Svo.
Page 1 - By Dr. GEORG voN GEOROIEVICS. Translated from the German by CHARLES SALTER. 320 pp. Forty-seven Illustrations. Royal 8vo. 1902. Price 10s. 6d.; India and Colonies, 11s.; Other Countries, 12s. net. Contents. The Textile Fibres—Washing, Bleaching, Carbonising—Mordants and Mordanting—Dyeing—Printing—Dressing and Finishing. POWER-LOOM WEAVING AND YARN NUMBERING, According to Various Systems, with Conversion Tables. Translated from the German of

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