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Hour 3: Gen 4-11 pre-historical history
4- cane and able
offerings, cane was rejected because of sin, offering of a lamb was specified earlier in eden, offering from God was accpted by a gian
flame from heaven, 4:26 Enosh began the rejection of God the son of seth
5- Geneology
oldest man in the bible 969 years Mathusalua, his father was Enoch who never died
Enoch - age 65 he walked with God for 300 years, received a prophacy of his son, as long as his son was alive the judgement of the flood with hold off. (adam )- man (Seth)- apointed (Enosh)- mortal (cannon)- Sorrow (Matallell)- the blessed God (yarred) - shall come down (Enoch)- teaching (Mathusala) 187- Death will bring forth, year he died flood came, analagy of Gods mercy, (lemach)- to spair (Noah)- to bring comfort, saints will comfort us, the salvation of the world in a geneology
The OT is the NT concealed, and the NT is the OT revealed, aguston
Genesis 6
There is no daughters of God, (Lines of seth with cane view wrong because Seth parrished in the flood, seths son began the rebellion), Nefalem and mighty men came from angles and women, they are hibreds - untatural - giants - demigods - genpool problem, all flesh was corrupted
Noah was a just man - without a blemish geneology
Jude 1:6-7 --> angles left their habitation - after strange flesh
2 peter 2:4-5 --> angles that sined to tartarus (deep hell) - in the days of noah,
Gen 6:4 there where post flood nefalem 400 years latter
Gen 14/15 - geen pool problem, wipe out entire people
numbers 13:33 - afraid of the nefalem - giants in the land
Goliah son of annach was son of a nefalem
Reff: greek TItans - human and gods, was casted to tartarus by zeus
(book of enoch), testament of the 12 patriorchs, josephus, flavious, septuagent,
Nature of angels - Sodam/gamora , resurection, they are in human form and in direct physical contact, dont marry in heaven, imortal race,
Flood itself - 200,000 Tons, 7 each of clean animals, 2 each of unclean animals, how did Noah know the clean and unclean, opened the fountains of the deep + rain, only one door to that Arch, God shut the door, every religion has a "flood" tradition, mt arratt, 278th day sends the dove, 314days he leaves the Arch,
Gen 9 - meat eaters encouraged, (ham, seth, jeppath) sons of Noah, fall of Adam - limited lifetime, post flood changes -- long life times, pressure changes, fossels are dead they came after adam - sudden quick change (flood),
Gen 10 - table of nations, 70 nations from Noah, ham- upper and lower egypt, cush- south of egypt, cannon son of ham, sinnites, chinese SHEM - asher, peleg JEPPETH - gomar, germany, Eurpoe, turkey, maygog- ezekial skithians, kurds, greese,
Gen 11 - tower of babel, nemrod - we will rebel, zodiac was corrupted, babalon and Jerusleum tale of two cities, gods covenant with israel, gods covenent with nation of israel, covenant with david rule forever,
HOUR #4 Gen 12-50

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