Some Longer Elizabethan Poems

Front Cover
Thomas Seccombe
A. Constable and Company, Limited, 1903 - English poetry - 441 pages
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Page 410 - forth keep! Rocks, Lee-shores, nor Shoals, When EOLUS scowls, You need not fear ! So absolute the deep. And cheerfully at sea, Success you still entice, To get the pearl and gold ; And ours to hold, Virginia, Earth's only Paradise. Where Nature hath in store Fowl, venison, and fish: And the fruitful soil;
Page 390 - And when our bottles and all we, Are filled with immortality, Then the holy paths we'll travel, Strewed with rubies thick as gravel, Ceilings of diamonds, sapphire floors, High walls of coral, and pearl bowers. From thence, to Heaven's bribeless Hall, Where no corrupted voices brawl. No conscience molten into gold ; Nor
Page 414 - [swords} drew And on the French they flew: Not one was tardy. Arms were from the shoulders sent Scalps to the teeth were rent, Down the French peasants went: Our men were hardy. And many a deep wound lent; His arms with blood besprent, And many a cruel dent
Page 390 - nor vain spent journey; For there, CHRIST is the King's Attorney, Who pleads for all without degrees ; And he hath angels, but no fees ! When the grand twelve million Jury, Of our sins and sinful fury, 'Gainst our souls, black verdicts give : CHRIST pleads his death, and then we live! Be thou, my speaker, taintless Pleader I
Page xxi - Give me my Scalop Shell of quiet, My Staff of faith to walk upon, My Scrip of joy, immortal diet, My Bottle of salvation, My Gown of glory, hope's true gage, And thus I
Page 415 - WILLOUGHBY Bare them right doughtily : FERRERS, and FANHOPE. Upon Saint CRISPIN'S Day, Fought was this noble Fray; Which Fame did not delay To England to carry. O when shall English men With such acts fill a pen ? Or England breed again Such a King HARRY
Page 86 - That with her heavenly nature doth agree : She cannot rest ! She cannot fix her thought ! She cannot in this world contented be ! For who did ever yet in Honour, Wealth, Or Pleasure of the Sense, contentment find ? Who ever ceased to wish, when he had Health ? Or having Wisdom, was not vext in mind
Page 414 - so strong; Arrows a cloth-yard long, That like to serpents stung, Piercing the weather. None from his fellow starts ; But, playing manly parts, And like true English hearts, Stuck close together. When down their bows they threw; And forth their
Page 410 - Britans, you stay too long ; Quickly aboard bestow you ! And with a merry gale Swell your stretched sail! With vows as strong As the winds that blow you. Your course securely steer, West-and-by-South forth keep! Rocks, Lee-shores, nor
Page 9 - then, began to be, When the first seeds whereof the world did spring; The Fire, Air, Earth, and Water did agree By LOVE'S persuasion (Nature's mighty King) To leave their first disordered combating ; And, in a dance, such Measure to observe, As all the world their motion should preserve. 18.

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