Norway: illustrated handbook for travellers

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Christian Tønsberg
Tønsberg, 1875 - Norway - 514 pages

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Page 328 - It resides in rivulets and lakes formed by the rains at a height of from 4,000 to 5,000 feet above the level of the sea, it grows to about three feet in length.
Page 444 - ... last, though the mass of the fugitives would fly down the valley to the Jordan. It was not far for the Philistines to take the corpses to Bethshean, a city still held by them, and there, with every indignity, they exposed the decapitated bodies till they were carried off by the men of Jabesh. Bethshean was one of the most important places in this part of the country, and maintained its pre-eminence for many ages. Its natural position is very peculiar and one of great strength. The citadel stood...
Page l - Fjeld or Mountain Lapps, who live partly by the chase and freshwater fishing, but chiefly on the produce of their reindeer, the herds comprising, in 1865, about 102,000 tame animals.
Page xviii - During the greater part of the year the surface of the sea exhibits a higher temperature than the atmosphere : in one or two of the summer months only is it colder. Hence the waters of the ocean...
Page 17 - Castle ; but those tickets are only available for the day on which they are issued.
Page xlvi - But these sections of the people, as compared with the corresponding classes in the great industrial nations, are none of them calculated to strike the foreigner either from their numbers or their mental development.
Page xxi - And hence this warm ocean current, in conjunction with the long sun-lit days of a Northern summer, is the main condition on which agriculture in Norway depends, as it is also, by supporting...
Page 23 - Conde' , shortly before the outbreak of the Revolution, with a fine park. The gardens of the chateaux are shown to visitors by the gardeners. The park between them is open to the public on Thursdays and Sundays from 12 to 4 o'clock. Owing to the sad havoc committed by the Revolution , Chantilly is now a mere shadow of the place described by Mme. de SeVigne, the scene of the magnificent fetes given to Louis XIV.
Page lxii - The distribution of inhabitants in Norway is very unequal, the lowland districts of the South and the region bordering on the Throndhjemsfjord being most thickly populated.
Page xlviii - Hence the Norwegian fishermen are generally looked upon as uncleanly in their habits, and their avocation is considered injurious to health.

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