Everyday Greek: Greek Words in English, Including Scientific Terms

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University of Chicago Press, 1919 - English language - 107 pages
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Page 7 - The vowels are pronounced as follows: a like a in father , e...
Page v - American professor's needs in giving a brief course in the derivation of English words of Greek origin.
Page v - Greek to enable them to trace the origin and feel the force of scientific terms and other English words of Greek origin.
Page 24 - We very often form nouns from verbs adding a suffix. A suffix is one or more syllables added to the end of a word to form a new word.
Page 52 - Hydra was a monster with nine heads, each of which when cut off was replaced by two.
Page 8 - Accents. — There are three marks of accent: the acute (.), the grave ('), and the circumflex Q.
Page 18 - The middle and passive voices have the same form in the present tense.
Page 15 - In this declension the stem ends in a consonant, or in one of the close vowels, t, u. The genitive case in this declension adds -os to the stem and the stem may generally be found by dropping this

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