Parisian Chirurgical Journal,

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translator, no. 11, Fenchurch-Street, for T. Boosey, no. 4, Old Broad-Street, and R. Cheesewright, no. 30, King-street, Cheapside, 1794 - Surgery
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Page 34 - In the mouth and fever have subsided, two or three purges of cassia and manua, with a grain of tartar emetic, are exhibited. During the treatment the patient is ordered to drink freely of -a diluting ptisan acidulated with oxymel. As soon as the symptoms are mitigated, the diet of the patient is enlarged; for when it is too rigidly observed the acrimony of the humours is apt to be increased, and the bilious erysipelas to be reproduced, particularly in a hospital, where the air, generally speaking,...
Page 101 - The prostate (Prostata) is a musculo-glandular organ which lies on the neck of the bladder and the beginning of the urethra, beneath the rectum.
Page 287 - ... ligament. Two advantages were procured by this means : on the one hand, air was prevented from penetrating into the articulation; and on the other, the floating portion of...
Page 271 - We may efteem it fortunate, if the trocar penetrates directly into the bladder, after piercing the fat and the...
Page 321 - ... also applied to the seat of injury, and upon this placed a weight of fifty pounds. On the following day the weight was removed, and a tight bandage substituted, and bleeding resorted to. The patient remained extended on his belly for the space of a...
Page 321 - ... was discovered that the last dorsal vertebra was luxated on the first lumbar, and had passed three fingers' breadth beyond its edges; this derangement was situated to the right and backwards. The patient was put to bed and laid on his belly, and extension kept up by means of assistants. The surgeon was able, with great difficulty, to reduce the bones, which were again displaced as soon as the extension was relinquished.
Page 290 - ... from the knee of a patient, in the year 1558, in which he had made an...
Page 134 - Hippocrates, as characteriftic of this accident, are a tumor in the axilla formed by the head of the bone...
Page 35 - ... according to the urgency of the fymptoms and the ftrength of the patient.

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