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Page 95 - Humanity and sympathy ; benevolence and consideration for others ; not doing to others what you would not have them do to you. JINJO, (yo no tsune) Common ; usual ; ordinary ; fair ; equitable ; modest; ingenuous.
Page v - The horizontal mark over о and u, indicates merely that the sound of о and и is prolonged. и has the long sound of u in rule, tune, or oo in moon, excepting in the syllables tsu, dzu, and su, when it has a 'close sound, resembling, as near as possible, the sound of и pronounced with the vocal organs fixed in the position they are in just after pronouncing the letter s.
Page v - ... fu is an aspirate, and might, for the sake of uniformity, be written hu. g in the Tokyo dialect has the soft sound of ng, but in Kyoto, Nagasaki, and the southern provinces it has the hard sound of g in go, gain.
Page 100 - The original expression is nari-kabttra (>!)$), which has survived in the modern language under the modified form of tabura-ya, defined in Dr. Hepburn's Dictionary as "an arrow with a head shaped like a turnip, having a hole in it, which causes it to hum as it flies.

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