History of Lowell and Its People, Volume 1

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Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1920 - Lowell (Mass.)
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Page 100 - AB, do truly and sincerely acknowledge, profess, testify, and declare, that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is, and of right ought to be, a free, sovereign, and independent state...
Page 337 - Nothing is here for tears, nothing to wail Or knock the breast; no weakness, no contempt, Dispraise, or blame; nothing but well and fair, And what may quiet us in a death so noble.
Page 100 - I do further testify and declare, that no man or body of men hath or can have any right to absolve or discharge me from the obligation of this Oath, declaration, or affirmation: and that I do make this...
Page 18 - ... and now you exhort me to change and leave my old canoe and embark in a new canoe, to which I have hitherto been unwilling : but now I yield up myself to your advice, and enter into a new canoe, and do engage to pray to God hereafter.
Page 18 - Daniel before named desired brother Eliot to tell this sachem from him, that it may be, while he went in his old canoe, he passed in a quiet stream ; but the end thereof was death and destruction to soul and body. But now he went into a new canoe, perhaps he would meet with storms and trials, but yet he should be encouraged to persevere, for the end of his voyage would be everlasting rest.
Page 253 - The manufacturing population of this city is the healthiest portion of the population, and there is no reason why this should not be the case. They are but little exposed to many of the strongest and most prolific causes of disease, and very many of the circumstances which surround and act upon them are of the most favorable* hygienic character.
Page 79 - No danger shall affright, no difficulties intimidate us. And if in support of our rights we are called to encounter even death, we are yet undaunted, sensible that he can never die too soon, who lays down his life in support of the laws and liberties of his country.
Page 134 - July in that year, he stated that he "had by great study and long application invented a new piece of machinery, never before found out, practised, or used, for the making of weft or yarn from conon, flax, and wool; which would be of great utility to a great many manufacturers, as well as to his Majesty's subjects in general, by employing a great number of poor people in working the said machinery, and by making the said weft or yarn much superior in quality to any ever heretofore manufactured or...
Page 388 - ORDERED, that a joint special committee, to consist of the Mayor, the President of the Common Council, two members of the Board of Aldermen and three members of the Common Council...
Page 136 - ... in many instances, to an extent not only sufficient for the supply of the families in which they are made, but for sale, and, even, in some cases, for exportation. It is computed in a number of districts that two-thirds, threefourths, and even four-fifths, of all the clothing of the inhabitants, are made by themselves.

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