The Year-book of the Unitarian Congregational Churches, for ...

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American Unitarian Association, 1892 - Unitarian churches
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Page 56 - The Council, during the intervals of the biennial sessions, may fill vacancies in the board of government, and shall have charge of all business having reference to the interests of the Conference, and intrusted to it by that body, which is hereby declared a purely advisory one.
Page 65 - The annual meeting, for the election of officers and the transaction of other business, shall be held in...
Page 33 - Secretaries, and Treasurer shall be chosen annually, to serve for one year, or until their successors shall be chosen. The eighteen other persons, of whom three shall be women, shall be chosen for three years, or until their successors shall be chosen Ħand one-third shall be chosen annually.
Page 6 - There will be four eclipses this year, two of the Sun and two of the Moon, as follows : I.
Page 56 - Conference for its biennial meeting, the Council shall issue a circular letter of call to the churches and organizations in its fellowship, accompanying it with a form of certificate, the production of which shall be the proof of membership of the Conference until others are elected, unless otherwise ordered by the Conference.
Page 47 - These churches accept the religion of Jesus, holding, in accordance with his teaching, that practical religion is summed up in love to God and love to man. The Conference recognizes the fact that its constituency is Congregational in tradition and polity. Therefore, it declares that nothing in this Constitution is to be construed as an authoritative test ; and we cordially invite to our working fellowship any who, while differing from us in belief, are in general sympathy with our spirit and our...
Page 33 - ... disposed of and assigned by any four of said trustees. SEC. 3. On the first Monday after the annual election of the exchange, or as soon thereafter as may be practicable, the trustees of the gratuity fund shall organize by electing a chairman and a secretary and treasurer of the gratuity fund, who shall serve for one year or until their successors shall be chosen. The offices of secretary and treasurer may be held by the same person.
Page 53 - Primarily, to quicken the religious life of our Unitarian churches, and to bring the women of the denomination into closer acquaintance, co-operation, and fellowship.
Page 32 - VIII. — The Annual Meeting of the Association shall be held in the month of May, at such time and place as the Board of Directors may appoint ; of which due notice shall be given, by circular to the churches, and by advertisement in two or more newspapers published in Boston, at least ten days previous.
Page 36 - Dec. 7, 1864, at which, in view of the need of enlarged denominational activity, a resolution was adopted calling "a convention, to consist of the pastor and two delegates from each church or parish in the Unitarian denomination, to meet in the city of New York, to consider the interests of our cause, and to institute measures for its good.

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