Paul Richards' Book of Breads, Cakes, Pastries, Ices and Sweetmeats: Especially Adapted for Hotel and Catering Trades

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Hotel monthly, 1907 - Baked products - 172 pages
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Page 174 - ... dishes actually prepared and served in the Hotel St. Francis. This feature of the book gives a suggestive quality, a reminder attribute, and a knowledge of food economies and food attributes that is hereby brought to the aid of the proficient and the learner, also enables even the inexperienced to produce the well balanced menu.
Page 170 - ... stewards, chefs and all persons employed in culinary work. His book digests the subjects of buying, handling, sale, and service of meats, poultry and fish for hotels, restaurants, clubs and institutions. It is varied with suggestions for the use of meats and trimmings for particular dishes; the composition of these dishes set forth in concise form. The information is clarified by the use of about 300 illustrations. A valuable feature of the book is an appendix composed of "gleanings from The...
Page 169 - Presents in concise form information regarding the preparation and service of nearly 4,000 different blll-of-fare dishes; also gives much information of encyclopedic nature regarding foods of all kinds. Quick reference to every dish described is facilitated with an index of 39 columns arranged in alphabetical order, and cross indexed so that no matter what one is looking for, all he has to do is to find the initial letter and under it, in alphabetical order, for second, third and fourth letters,...
Page 173 - The Soda Fountain. The dispenser's formulary or soda water guide. A practical handbook for soda fountain operators consisting of over 2,000 tested formulas for soda fountain products, with complete information on fountain service, fountain standards, ice cream standards and formulas, and luncheonette service, including an appendix of manufacturers' formulas together with descriptive information of their fountain apparatus, sundries and supplies.
Page 170 - Chicago), is a handy vest pocket volume, the leaf measuring 3 x 6 jú inches. In this book Mr. Kientz tells in concise manner how to cook practically every kind of fish that is brought to the American market; and not only explains the method of cooking, but also the making of the sauces and the manner of service. Every recipe is given with its bill-of-fare name in English and its translation into the French. The recipes include also such dishes as frogs' legs, all kinds of shell fish, snails, terrapin,...
Page 169 - VII, candy making and miscellaneous recipes; bread economies in hotel; caterers' price list. The recipes are readily found with the aid of 36 columns of index and cross index in the back • of the book, this index forming in itself a complete directory, so to speak, of breads, pastry, ices and sugar foods. Printed on strong white paper; page 7x10 inches, 168 pages, bound in cloth.
Page 169 - ... it, in alphabetical order, for second, third and fourth letters, etc., the article wanted, with page on which it is found. Referring, for instance, to a sauce of any particular kind. Find the word Sauce in the index, and under it will be found in alphabetical order 149 different sauces; and under Salads 71 different kinds, exclusive of the variations in making. Under head of Sausage there are 45 different kinds described, with directions for making as well as cooking and serving. In fact, the...
Page 169 - The book is supplemented with 110 pages of sample menus and billsof-fare, several of them photographic reproductions, and representing the cards of hotels and restaurants of both first and second class, lunch rooms, transportation catering menus, club menus, wine list, caterer's list, and several illustrations of glass, china and silverwares and banquet scenes. The book is thoroughly indexed.
Page 170 - ... he has condensed more information regarding the history, cultivation, nutritive qualities and approved forms of cooking and serving vegetables than can be found in any other book, no matter how large ; and it has been demonstrated to be a book without mistakes. Recipes for soups, sauces, garnishings and salads supplement the general recipes. There are 78 ways of preparing potatoes, 19 of mushrooms, 19 of onions, 15 of cabbage, etc., 27 of beans, 15 of rice. 25 of tomatoes, and others in number...
Page 169 - Paul Richards' Book of Breads, Cakes, Pastries, Ices and Sweetmeats, Especially Adapted for Hotel and Catering Purposes." The author is known as one of the most skillful all around bakers, pastry cooks and confectioners in America, and has demonstrated the quality of his work in leading hotels. In writing this book he took particular pains to have the recipes reliable and worded in such simple fashion that all who read them may readily understand and work from them. The book is in seven parts. Part...

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