Indien and das Christentum: eine untersuchung der religions-geschichtlichen zusammenhänge

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Mohr, 1914 - Buddhism - 301 pages

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Page 286 - You cannot deny that your hearts have been touched, conquered and subjugated by a superior power. That power need I tell you — is Christ. It is Christ who rules British India and not the British Government. England has sent out a tremendous moral force in the life and character of that mighty prophet, to conquer and hold this vast empire. None but Jesus ever deserved this bright, this precious diadem, India, and Jesus shall have it.
Page 171 - As ignorance is thus annihilated, the mind [ie, dlaya-vijftdna] is no more disturbed so as to be subject to individuation. As the mind is no more disturbed, the particularisation of the surrounding world is annihilated. When in this wise the principle and the condition of defilement, their products, and the mental disturbances are all annihilated, it is said that we attain to Nirvana and that various spontaneous displays of activity are accomplished.
Page 125 - The building resembles to a great extent an early Christian Church in its arrangements) consisting of a nave and side aisles, terminating in an apse or semidome, round which the aisle is carried. * *' As a scale for comparison, it may be mentioned that its arrangements and dimensions are very similar to those of the choir of Norwich Cathedral, and of the Abbaye aux Hommes at Caen, omitting the outer aisles in the latter building.
Page 2 - Es fähret alles an einen Ort; es ist alles von Staub gemacht und wird wieder zu Staub. Wer weiß, ob der Geist des Menschen aufwärts fahre und der Odem des Viehes unterwärts unter Erde fahre?
Page 35 - Meine Schwester, ich frage nicht nach deiner Kaste noch nach deiner Familie; ich bitte dich nur um Wasser, wenn du es mir geben kannst.
Page 65 - The maritime people intent on capturing a rhinoceros proceed by erecting on a mountain path many structures of decayed timber, something like a stable for swine or sheep. The front legs of the rhinoceros being straight without joints, the animal is in the habit of sleeping by leaning against the trunk of a tree. The rotten timber will suddenly break down, and the animal will topple in front without being able for a long time to rise. Then they attack and kill it.
Page 205 - Even the crucifixion has its analogy in the story of the Stake-saint (Impaling being th equivalent of crucifixion), who was unjustly impaled with thieves, but he did not die like the thieves and so awakened the wonder of the royal guard. They went and told the king, who was frightened when he heard of it and came to the Saint on the stake and. besought his forgiveness, which was granted, as the king had acted ignorantly. He is besung in all the worlds as the Impaled One.
Page 37 - Denn Ich der Herr, dein Gott, bin ein eifriger Gott, der da heimsuchet der Väter Missetat an den Kindern, bis in das dritte und vierte Glied, die mich hassen; und tue Barmherzigkeit an vielen Tausenden, die mich lieb haben und meine Gebote halten.
Page 201 - Epic tin so far as the arranger of the mass may be called author), who, though not identified with Krishna as Supreme God, is himself divine, and is described as " the unborn (that is, the eternal) and ancient one, the only son of God, born of a virgin, very part, anca. of God".
Page 1 - Man kann es jetzt ebensogut eine hellenische Religion nennen wie eine orientalische, eine einheimische wie eine ausländische. Synkretistisch war es von Anfang an auf heidenchristlichem Boden. Nicht als pures Evangelium ist es erschienen, sondern mit allem ausgestattet, was die jüdische Religion in ihrer langen Geschichte an sich gezogen hatte, und sofort auf alles das, was dort etwa noch fehlte, eingehend. Aber nun erst, um die Mitte des dritten Jahrhunderts war die neue Religion fertig als die...

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