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An International Journal

Published Monthly


Nicholas Senn, M. D.
John B. Murphy, M. D.

J. Clarence Webster, M. D. C. S. Bacon, M. D.
E. Wyllys Andrews, M. D. E. C. Dudley, M. D.

Rudolph W. Holmes, M. D.
Frederic A. Besley, M. D.
John C. Hollister, M. D.

Cecil V. Bachelle, M. D.
Wm. R. Cubbins, M. D.
Franklin H. Martin, M. D., Managing Editor
Allen B. Kanavel, M. D., Associate Editor

Volume I
July-December 1905




AUG 28 1906





C. S. BACON, M. D., President Chicago Medical Society
D. A. K. STEELE, M. D.. President Chicago Surgical Society
FRANK T. ANDREWS, M. D. President Chicago Gynecological Society

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of, 493.

abs., 370.

Abdominal operations, book review, 471; Section, con BAISCH, Von Karl, The value of gland removal in opera

servation of the parietal motor nerves in, 152; Sec tions upon carcinoma of the uterus, abs., 200. tions, some considerations on the after-treatment of, BALDWIN, JAMES F., 82; 359. 359; Viscera, upper, treatment of acute perforation BARNETT, CHARLES E., When prostatotomy instead of

prostatectomy is indicated, 430. Abscess, Subphrenic, in children, 282.

BARRETT, CHANNING W., The operative treatment of Actinomycosis, abs, 102; The use of copper sulphate in retrodisplacements, with a new operation; intramuthe treatment of, 451.

ral transplantation of the round ligaments, 417. AHLFELD, F., Has the preliminary vaginal douche an BARTLETT, WILLARD, 456.

influence on the morbidity of the lying-in period ? BEER, EDWIN, Concerning the causes of gall-stones, abs., abs., 292; Transposition of the parts of the body by 373 amniotic bands, abs., 565.

BELFIELD, WILLIAM T., Suprapubic versus perineal prostaAir, The injection of, into the circulatory system of animals, tectomy, 544, 548. 533

BESLEY, FREDERIC A., Some conclusions relative to progALLEN, DUDLEY P., A simple aseptic surgical technique, nosis and treatment of sarcomata of extremities, with

187; Supernumerary thyroid at base of tongue, 213; report of five cases, 412. 183

BEVAN, ARTHUR D., Acid intoxication and late poisonous American Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, effects of anæsthetics, hepatic toxemia, acute fatty

transactions of eighteenth annual meeting, 358-369; degeneration of the liver following chloroform and Gynecological Society, 99; Surgical Association, ether anæsthesia, abs., 370; Actinomycosis, abs., 102;

transactions of the twenty-sixth annual meeting, 174. Use of copper sulphate in the treatment of actinoAmniotic bands, Transposition of parts of the body by, mycosis, 451; 102; 450.

abs., 565; Epithelium, historical investigation con BILLINGS, FRANK, 449. cerning the secretory activity of, abs., 384.

BLACK, CARL E., Surgical dressings, 435. Amos, J., Pathology of thrombosis in the superior mes Bladder, urinary, Diagnosis and treatment of some surenteric vein, abs., 378.

gical diseases of, 336; Irritation of the, 440. Anästhesia, Scopolamine-morphine, 354; Scopolamine BLAIR, VILRAY PAPIN, Conservation of the parietal motor

morphine, ed., 539; The vapor method of, abs., 558. nerves in abdominal section, 152. Anæsthetics, Acid intoxication and late poisonous effects BLAKE, JOHN BAPst, Gastroenterostomy and pyloro

of, hepatic toxemia, acute fatty degeneration of the plasty: an experimental study by means of the liver following chloroform and ether anæsthesia, Roentgen rays, abs., 101.

Blastomycosis, 450. ANDREWS, E. WYLLYS, Colohepatopexy, or colon-sub BLOODGOOD, JOSEPH C., Cysts of the thyroid gland, 113;

stitution, a new operation for perigastric adhesions abs., 556; 557 after gallstone operations, abs., 370; A new method Blood-poisoning, General, emanating from the nose and of arthrotomy for old dislocations of the shoulder, pharynx, 442. based on experience in the radical breast removal, Blood vessels, cornual, Unusual dilatation of, with rup385; A new operation for the cure of the tabetic ture into the uterine cavity, etc., 364. ulcer, 452, 547.

BOISE, EGUENE, Post-operative vomiting, 23; 67; 74. Ankle, Sprained, 444.

Boldt, HERMANN J., 67; 73, 82; 87. Ankylosis, abs., 196.

BONIFIELD, CHARLES L., 359. Appendicitis, 445; and pregnancy, 27; as a factor in the Bossi, A study of rapid dilatation of the os uteri, abs., 108.

diagnosis and treatment of abdominal and pelvic BOVÉE, J. WESLEY, My experience in the treatment of tumors; also complicating pregnancy, 367; Compli retrodisplacements of the uterus by operations on cating pregnancy, 53; In relation to pelvic disease the round, uterosacral, and uterovesical ligaments; and pregnancy, 80; Shall the profession or the laity be report of 129 cases, 510; 71; 76. responsible for the death-rate in? 445; The earliest BRADFORD, ED. H., Treatise on orthopedic surgery, and complete removal of the appendix (from the Review of, 296. clinic of Joseph Price), 216; The formation of diver Brain tumors, inaccessible, The establishment of cerebral ticula in, abs., 286.

hernia as a decompressive measure for, etc., 297. Appendix, Inflammatory conditions of, accidentally brought Breast, Papillary cystadenoma of, 361.

to light in pelvic operations, 79; Relation to pelvic Bromine, The antiseptic action of, with descriptions disease and pregnancy, 78; The earliest and com and illustration of cases, 530. plete removal of, in appendicitis, 216.

BROWN, GEORGE S., Prolonged lavage a preventive of Arterio-sclerosis of the uterus as a factor in uterine ether-vomiting after operation, 169. hemorrhage, 73.

BROWN, JOHN YOUNG, Primary bowel resection versus Atlas and text-book of topographic and applied anatomy, artificial anus in the treatment of strangulated hernia, by Schultze-Stewart, review, 206.

364; Surgical management of injuries of peritoneal AUSTIN, M. A., Perforating ulcers of the duodenum, 446. viscera resulting from violence applied to the abBACON, CHARLES S., Immediate diagnosis and treatment dominal wall, 443; 359; 435, 436.

of lacerations of the vagina and pelvic floor and BRUNN, Max V., Upon the formation of diverticula in perineum, 191; Non-operative treatment of eclamp appendicitis, abs., 286. sia, abs., 109; Pulmonary tuberculosis as an obstet BUHLIG, W. H., The surgeon's need for a knowledge of rical complication, abs., 563; 109; 194.

neurology, 357

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