Complimentary Souvenir Book, Fifty-third Annual Convention, National Education and International Congress of Education. Oakland, California, Meeting August 16-28, 1915

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Page 56 - PEOPLE When the Norn Mother saw the Whirlwind Hour Greatening and darkening as it hurried on, She left the Heaven of Heroes and came down To make a man to meet the mortal need. She took the tried clay of the common road — Clay warm yet with the genial heat of Earth...
Page 57 - Up from log cabin to the Capitol, One fire was on his spirit, one resolve — To send the keen ax to the root of wrong, Clearing a free way for the feet of God, The eyes of conscience testing every stroke, To make his deed the measure of a man.
Page 57 - The tolerance and equity of light That gives as freely to the shrinking flower As to the great oak flaring to the wind — To the grave's low hill as to the Matterhorn That shoulders out the sky. Sprung from the West, He drank the valorous youth of a new world. The strength of virgin forests braced his mind, The hush of spacious prairies stilled his soul.
Page 57 - So came the Captain with the mighty heart; And when the judgment thunders split the house, Wrenching the rafters from their ancient rest, He held the ridgepole up, and spikt again The rafters of the Home.
Page 57 - He held his place — Held the long purpose like a growing tree — Held on through blame and faltered not at praise. And when he fell in whirlwind, he went down As when a kingly cedar green with boughs Goes down with a great shout upon the hills, And leaves a lonesome place against the sky.
Page 57 - The color of the ground was in him, the red earth, The smack and tang of elemental things: The rectitude and patience of the cliff, The good-will of the rain that loves all leaves, The friendly welcome of the wayside well...
Page 66 - SUNRISE OVER THE SIERRAS. I mind me how one day-break long ago. I heard the wild swan play his magic horn ; Heard the cold north wind blow his pipe forlorn ; Heard the sweet stream purl gently to and fro In oaten meadows; while the lyric flow Of field-lark hymn called to the splendid morn Until the sun, a light divine, new-born, Lifted — a wild flash over the virgin snow. Then stood I like the holy orient priest, Who gave unto the fire a sacred name, And ever burned his altar in the East ; / Or...
Page 29 - ... barren sea on the other. The narrow Pacific Coast strip of North America which California's position represents has been hitherto about the most isolated part of the usable world. Chile was much more accessible to ships from Europe. Ships which continued their voyage to San Francisco had not only to cover seventy degrees of latitude, but must traverse westward the equivalent of the width of the United States; for Valparaiso is in the longitude of New York, not that of San Francisco. Immigrants...
Page 47 - It shall have authority to establish and support an official means of communication with the members of the associations. "3. It shall have power to deliberate on educational questions, policies and reforms and to make recommendations regarding the same. "4. It shall have power to take action upon all questions referred to it by the associations. "5. It shall have power to choose its own officials and define their duties.
Page 29 - San Francisco, and at a cost, including food, not more than eight dollars greater than the fare to New York. The density of population in California is fifteen ; that of the entire strip of western countries from Alaska to Chile is seven. Across the way China has 275, Japan 350. If we allow onehalf of California's area for mountains and give the remainder a density equal to that of Rhod» Island, the population of the State would be forty millions.

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