The Discovery and Conquest of the Molucco and Philippine Islands: Containing, Their History, Ancient and Modern, ... Written in Spanish by Bartholomew Leonardo de Argensola, ... Now Translated Into English: and Illustrated ...

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printed in the year, 1708 - Maluku (Indonesia) - 260 pages
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Page 6 - Hollow of the Mountain, and forces it to Sweat, and pour out. The Natives Differ from one another, as it were through a Miraculous Bounty of Nature; for it has made the Women Fair and Beautiful, and the Men, of a darker Colour than a Quince; their Hair lank, and many anoint it with fweetOyls.
Page 125 - Iiitreaties and Example of their Chief. The City had but ' ' one Fort, and that ill built, wherefore he Erected another at the Mouth of ""' the River, calling it Sant iago, and enclofed the old one.
Page 110 - Pintadoes, becaufe they had cannon and a fort ; but, as foon as they faw that taken by the Spaniards, they fubmitted. This was done fo expeditioufly, that the people from the country had not time to come in ; and thus he entered Manila, which, from what follows, will appear to be a place flrong by nature f.
Page 65 - Minds againft the Chriftians, put many to cruel Martyrdoms ; that fo the Foundation of our Faith may be in all Parts cemented with the Blood of the Faithful. They difmember'd the Bodies, and burnt the Legs Perfecuand Arms in the fight of the ftill Living Trunks. They impal'd the "Women, tore out their Bowels, and they furving themfelres, beheld their 1Ш1 moving Fleih in the Hands of their Executioners. Children were puIJ'd Piecemeal before their Mothers Eyes, and Infants ftill in Embrio were rent...
Page 57 - Еяго/*, where his Forces can be ready to meet all Dangers, without being expos'd to the Hazards of the Sea, and the Dominions of others. Each of thefe Arguments was fo fully reprefented by the Officers of the Revenue, that the Propofal...
Page 110 - Nipa,, which is like fedge, or fvvord -grafs, and a fufficient fence againft the rains ; but combuftible, and the occafion of great conflagrations, which have often happened. One would have imagined, that in procefs of time, this inconveniency might have been...
Page 206 - Fvrtado was no way to blame for having abandon'd that Enterprize : for as it plainly appear'd, and Captain Gallinato declar'd he had always behav'd himfelf like a brave Gentleman, and difcreet Commander ;but that befides the Want of Provifions and Ammunition, he could not relie upon his own Men ; and that if the Succours fent him from Manila had been more confiderable, he would have hazardfd all with only them.
Page 65 - They carefully took them up in their Boats, and having view'd them at Leafure, found that none of them were above n Years of Age. Yet at this fame Time, when cruelty advanc'd God's Glory, Providence feem'd to aft Counter in the very Cities, and Deferts. Idolaters and .Mahometan': were converted, and our Religious Men...
Page 55 - Spoons, with which they alfo lade out the Water the Veflel takes in. On the upper part they make Mufick with their Tabors, and Sounding-Bafons of Metal, according to which they Row fafter or flower, as we Dance to our Mufick. In the fame Place there are feven Brafs Guns; a confiderable number of Pikes advanc'd, longer than ours, and a Bed adonv'd with Quilts interwoven with Gold, and by it hung the King's Helmet, Brean, and Back Plates.

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