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Requiem: a musical composition in honor of the dead.
It's late in the 22nd century and humans, as we know them today, have been slowly replaced by genetically enhanced d-humans. Those who never
had any enhancements are called Primals and are considered inferior to the d-humans. They live in reservation like communities all over the world and are virtually cut off from the technological advancements enjoyed by the enhanced species. The UN has introduced a "Proposed Extinction of the Primal Species" and Eusebio Franklin has been enlisted to testify on behalf of all Primals in a last ditch effort to prevent the humane genocide. Soon Eusebio is approached by the leader of the Rejectionists, a group that isn't afraid to take violent action to protect the Primal species. He is presented with a choice, detonate a nuclear device that will kill millions, including him, or do nothing and watch the beginning of the end for his Primal brethren.
"Requiem Of The Human Soul" by Jeremy Lent is a book that will make you think. It will also make you feel such emotions as anger, frustration, and despair. Honestly, there is very little that is happy about this book and that is okay as the message is an important one. Where are we going as a society and what happens when we get there? Have we really learned anything from the past? Mr. Lent addresses these questions and so much more but, in the end, doesn't leave us with much hope. There is no happy ending here and I finished the book feeling let down. Despite this, it is a well-written and very profound story that should be looked at as a cautionary tale; a look at a future that I hope will never come about.

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